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Younger daughter has been sending me some fantastic pics of Antartica where it is apparently very cold. I mean cold as in inclement. It is always cold there but it is now very, very cold there. Even the penguins are shivering. And the fish are starting to knit woolen hats. These are frozen waves apparently. Flash frozen before they had time even to break. Uploaded ImageUploaded Image

Posted at 24th Nov 2010 - 05:33PM   Posted by Fennie   Pic of the Evening Comments: 13

Fennie's Avatar That isn't younger daughter, by the way - although you could, I suppose, pretend that it was and see what happened.

Posted by: Fennie on 24th Nov 2010 at 05:39PM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar I hope, whoever it was, they kept their vest tucked in.

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 24th Nov 2010 at 06:04PM

Ivy's Avatar Isn't nature amazing? Thanks for sharing these fantastic photos with us.

Would you like me to set up a knitting course for fish ? Penguins are welcome tooVery Happy

Posted by: Ivy on 24th Nov 2010 at 06:50PM

Pimsonthelawn's Avatar Amazing pictures. That would be far too cold for me.

Posted by: Pimsonthelawn on 24th Nov 2010 at 07:11PM

Milla's Avatar apparently very cold. Whoda thunk?
What's she doing there, Fennie? Fab photos.

Posted by: Milla on 24th Nov 2010 at 07:19PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Oh yes very tucked I would have thought . . . she's have got very wet if the waves had flash thawed Laughing

Lovely pictures though.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 24th Nov 2010 at 07:41PM

CalicoKate's Avatar Wow stunning photogs Fennie.

Posted by: CalicoKate on 24th Nov 2010 at 07:47PM

Mollygolver's Avatar A 'Wow' from over here too. Breath taking!

Posted by: Mollygolver on 24th Nov 2010 at 07:53PM

Blossomcottage's Avatar Amazing pictures, my lovely hubby would like to go to Antarctica as his Grandfather was part of the Shackleton expedition at the beginning of the last century, his Grandfather however went from Hobart through the Ross Sea, the intention was to meet up with Shackleton with supplies but he like Shackleton got stuck in the ice for 15 month. This means Hubby would like to go to Antarctica via the Ross which would put us on an Icebreaker in the Southern Ocean for 28 days!
I have told him I might consider the shorter route but 28 days he is on his own!!

Posted by: Blossomcottage on 24th Nov 2010 at 07:54PM

Bradan's Avatar Wow, fantastic pics Fennie

Posted by: Bradan on 24th Nov 2010 at 08:03PM

Resewnsally's Avatar Wow!! Isn't nature amazing?! Just breathtaking. ShockedVery Happy

Posted by: Resewnsally on 24th Nov 2010 at 09:55PM

Camilla's Avatar Absolutely stunning pic Fennie.!

Posted by: Camilla on 25th Nov 2010 at 01:28AM

Frances's Avatar Fennie, these photos show a place that to my eye just does not seem possible.

So. Wow!

Please feel free to tell us more about your daughter's journey and post more pix. xo

Posted by: Frances on 25th Nov 2010 at 02:20AM

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