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I guess this should really be in the ecology forum but it's only a little piece and important, too. Or at lest I think so. The latest campaign by Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall and River Cottage is to end the scandal of fish thrown back dead into the North Sea (half of all the fish caught according to Hugh are discarded). There's an interesting if depressing video and a petition you can sign here

Posted at 16th Nov 2010 - 02:32PM   Posted by Fennie   Fish Comments: 4

Faith's Avatar Oh yes Fennie I agree this practice is scandalous.

Posted by: Faith on 16th Nov 2010 at 05:53PM

Pimsonthelawn's Avatar Already signed it Fennie.

Posted by: Pimsonthelawn on 16th Nov 2010 at 07:55PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Just signed up. Agree absolutely

Posted by: Withy Brook on 16th Nov 2010 at 09:05PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Will go and sign, but won't watch the video. Can't bear that humans are so careless of animal life.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 16th Nov 2010 at 11:20PM

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