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Secret Santa - what happens next

The list is closed now. I will be putting all names into a hat and my hubby Bill - well it will probably be his beloved cap! Laughing - will be drawing them out one by one. You will get a pm within the next few days telling you who to send your secret santa present to and their address. If you don't get a pm from me by Thursday latest, then please pm ME to ask why!!!

Please gift wrap your present, which won't have cost you more than 5 (it might be worth more if you handmade it or found a bargain!) and put a little label on it saying it is from Purplecoo's Secret Santa, so it is identified when it's pulled out from the pile of pressies under the tree on Christmas morning! Then obviously outer-wrap it and have it weighed at the P.O. so you stamp it appropriately. Sorry if this seems obvious but several people asked me 'how' last year.

Thanks for joining it the fun. Christmas starts here at the Coo!

Faith x

Posted at 15th Nov 2010 - 04:10PM   Posted by Faith   Secret Santa - what happens next Comments: 1

Westerwitch's Avatar Faith you are an absolute star and on behalf of everyone I would like to thank you for everything you are doing and also for all that you have done on the house names.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 15th Nov 2010 at 06:28PM

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