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OK. It's after midnight, GMT, and it's after supper CST.

Bear is here, being licked to death by a small dog. Sigh! It's a long story.

Cold and foggy here across the pond. High temp for the day was -4C (about 25F); it was so foggy the ceiling was listed at 100 feet, and you could hardly see anywhere. Had to scrape the windows on the car this morning because of the ice fog.

Got my column into the paper well before deadline today. This is good; keeps the editor happy, and cash flowing into my pocket. Or, rather, the government's pocket. Everything seems so taxing these days.

If you can't sleep, this is a good place to chat, natter, or rant and rave (bit please keep the ranting civil-ish).

I'll be here, off and on, for a while. I expect Camilla will be along in due course, but Frances may well be quite late in getting home from the shop. IN other words, it's pretty much the usual.

Posted at 13th Nov 2010 - 12:42AM   Posted by Rob-bear   WHERE BE THE OWLS? Comments: 4

I'm going to have to excuse myself, friends,

Sleep well, good Owls Exclamation

Posted by: Rob-bear on 13th Nov 2010 at 12:59AM

Frances's Avatar Bear, thank you for keep the owl post posted.

Yes, I am very late getting here tonight. Where oh where is Camilla?

Glad that you made your newspaper deadline. It's a fluke of weather that has your part of Canada so cold, while we had a bit of autumn respite in NYC.

I helped a lovely lady from Calgary in the shop today, and let her know that one of my brothers lived there for some years.

Back to work for an earlier shift tomorrow. We have yet another special event, co-hosting with the prestigious magazine The New Yorker.

More about that after the event. Sweet dreams to all owls. xo

Posted by: Frances on 13th Nov 2010 at 03:18AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Does that mean another late night for you Frances. . . . you seem to be working so hard.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 13th Nov 2010 at 10:22AM

Camilla's Avatar Hello Bear,

Thank you sooo much for posting, my apologies, have just posted the I can't sleep chat, just trying to catch up on the site while I have been away from the site.

Well done with the newspaper deadline Bear.! Sleep Well dear Bear.

Sorry to have missed you Frances, thank you, I have seen photo's of that wonderful magazine - The New Yorker, best of luck with the coming event.


Posted by: Camilla on 14th Nov 2010 at 12:31AM

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