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Dear Bear,

Wishing you a very HAPPY BELATED 65TH BIRTHDAY.!

Hope you had a lovely day with Mama Bear and your lovely family around you.

Hoping too that you got to indulge in some fine wine, any of that yummy cake left?!

Best Wishes,
Camilla.Uploaded Image

Posted at 23rd Sep 2010 - 01:28AM   Posted by Camilla   HAPPY BELATED 65TH BIRTHDAY ROB-BEAR Comments: 13

Thanks so much for the card, Camilla.

No wine, and the cake is long gone. Though I occasionally make my own wine, I rarely drink any.

If you're a Polar Bear, and you want to chill out, you need to be snoozing on a block of ice. Sadly, blocks of ice in the Canadian Arctic are getting smaller, fewer, and further between. Which is sad!

Posted by: Rob-bear on 23rd Sep 2010 at 01:37AM

Camilla's Avatar I am sure our dear Wizzie will be along shortly to post another fab yummy birthday cake for you Bear.

Posted by: Camilla on 23rd Sep 2010 at 01:41AM

Tiggywinkle's Avatar Congratulations Bear on a big one. They are all landmarks at this age. I'm catching up with you in Feb, and can't believe it. It just makes me want to pack in so much in the next 5 years. Time seems to travel faster as time goes on, and every minute is so precious- so much to learn, so much to pass on, so much to see and do, opportunities not to be missed, and treasured time with family and friends.

Posted by: Tiggywinkle on 23rd Sep 2010 at 02:03AM

Frances's Avatar Many happy returns to you, Bear! Keep those celebrations going for many more days, or even weeks.

Posted by: Frances on 23rd Sep 2010 at 02:09AM

Wizzard's Avatar Uploaded Image

Happy Belated Birthday Bear,
hope you enjoy the cake


Posted by: Wizzard on 23rd Sep 2010 at 07:09AM

Fennie's Avatar Happy Birthday Rob-Bear

Posted by: Fennie on 23rd Sep 2010 at 07:28AM

Inthemud's Avatar Belated Happy Birthday Rob-Bear, hope it was a grand day!

Posted by: Inthemud on 23rd Sep 2010 at 08:22AM

Patsy's Avatar Happy belated Birthday! I'm sure that's only 21 in Bear years! Wink

Posted by: Patsy on 23rd Sep 2010 at 09:01AM

Preseli Mags's Avatar Belated birthday wishes Rob-bear. I agree with Patsy. Definitely 21 in Bear years!

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 23rd Sep 2010 at 10:04AM

Salle de Bain's Avatar H-B-B... R-B,

Hope you had a good one...with lots of bear treats.

Posted by: Salle de Bain on 23rd Sep 2010 at 11:34AM

Happy Birthday to you, hope you had a great day best wishes

Posted by: Arcadian advocate on 23rd Sep 2010 at 08:42PM

Silverhead's Avatar Happy ,happy Birthday. Hope you ae feeling a bit betterSmileSmile

Posted by: Silverhead on 23rd Sep 2010 at 08:51PM

Twiglet's Avatar Many Happy Returns!!

Posted by: Twiglet on 24th Sep 2010 at 08:15PM

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