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Not-so-well Bear has stumbled his way over to the Owl Perch.

NO Owls; only one Bear and one Poodle. Not auspicious.

Major ethics meeting at the university this morning; Bear has been trying to recover this afternoon.

Maybe I'll feel better after supper.

TTFN; see you anon.

Posted at 22nd Sep 2010 - 01:05AM   Posted by Rob-bear   WHERE BE THE OWLS? Comments: 11

Despite the "heavy-duty" nature of this morning's meeting, Bear is picking up a bit.

A picture from Sunday's Birthday Party cheers me up. Bear, both the grandchildren, and Bear birthday cake in picture.

Uploaded Image

Picture and cake both by Son, T.

Posted by: Rob-bear on 22nd Sep 2010 at 01:10AM

Frances's Avatar Bear, what a wonderful surprise to see this photo! This picture is so filled with happiness. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Yes, where are the other owls? It's been a while since we've had a full perch.

I can imagine that any meeting with ethics on its agenda might be quite a meeting.

Sitting down to pasta now. Hope to see you, Camilla and others in a little while.


Posted by: Frances on 22nd Sep 2010 at 01:22AM

Sadie and Bear have had supper and returned from their walk. Now we are trying to figure out what to do next.

Frances, I have a pm for you.

I'll check the skool. I'm sure Max has everything in good order; we'll just have a chat about Max's perceptions, now that skool has begun for another year.

Posted by: Rob-bear on 22nd Sep 2010 at 02:21AM

Frances's Avatar Bear, I can imagine that doing this sort of thinking over some hours, and even trying to represent the humanities, might just wear out anyone's brain.

I've always sort of enjoyed contributing a different point to view to a meeting or even to a get together of friends. Stilll, sometimes this can be pretty challenging and can lead one to wish for a nap.

Bravo to you for keeping at it.

Posted by: Frances on 22nd Sep 2010 at 02:21AM

Thanks, Frances.

I moved most of the information to a pm, because (on reconsideration) I fell a bit uncomfortable having it sit in the open.

But, as you understand, I was a fairly "heavy" day. How went your day? (Better, I hope!)

Her Ladyship is sound asleep on the floor, and snoring! (That's the first time I recall her doing that.) I have a lot of "housekeeping" things to do tonight. Things can add up when one is not watching fairly carefully.

Posted by: Rob-bear on 22nd Sep 2010 at 02:30AM

Frances's Avatar Thanks for the pm, Bear.

Wondering where our wonderful Camilla might be. Still, since I had a very early start this morning, I am going to log off now, to try to get caught up on missing sleep tonight.

Hoping to see all our owls here tomorrow. Nite, nite.

Posted by: Frances on 22nd Sep 2010 at 02:31AM

Yes, and where are the Owls? Are they all worn out? Do they just not have the energy to give a "hoot"? Or have they "moved on to other things" away from the Purple Coo?

One wonders.

Posted by: Rob-bear on 22nd Sep 2010 at 02:34AM

Sleep well, Frances.

Hope you're OK, Camilla,

Sleep well, good Owls.

Posted by: Rob-bear on 22nd Sep 2010 at 02:35AM

Wait: do I see a Puffin?

Hello, Puffin!

Posted by: Rob-bear on 22nd Sep 2010 at 02:35AM

Sigh. No Puffin.

Well, time for Bear to trundle away, Miss Sadie bounding at my side.

Posted by: Rob-bear on 22nd Sep 2010 at 02:46AM

Camilla's Avatar Happy Belated Birthday to you dear Bear.!

What a really lovely photo you have shared with us and of your grandchildren too, and that very important special birthday cake.!

Did not know it was your birthday Bear, shall make sure I enter the date into my pink book of dates.

So sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell Bear, despite this, hope you enjoyed that yummy cake.

Uploaded Image

Posted by: Camilla on 23rd Sep 2010 at 01:08AM

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