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New term Homework - The Build

The Build, [essay by recalcitrant pupil!Twisted Evil]
Work goes on apace, we have two Polish guys working on it at the moment, there is a lyrical sound to the rather gutteral conversations they have in their native tongue, but when they speak English it becomes hilarious. I can pick out where each lives by the overtone to their English.

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Posted at 21st Sep 2010 - 12:29PM   Posted by Irish Eyes   New term Homework - The Build Comments: 2

Irish Eyes's Avatar They both rejoice in totally unpronouncable names so I will term them Pavel and Havel. Pavel is the older of the two, shouts and roars at Havel like a Regimental Sgt., Major and his English is pure Ballyfermot. On a social scale in Dublin let's compare that to Cockney in London. Havel, on the other hand, lives in Wexford and has adopted the flatter tones of a Waxfurd aksent loike. I'm not sure who looks down on whom, but I gather one thinks he has the best end of the deal living in the countryside, and the other is convinced he is top of the scale. Either way, both are prodigious workers - they could teach building to young people and how to do it effectively, without waste of materials, and there is almost a cadence to the way they work. They both obviously think the world of the builder, and, while they treat another guy with disdain, the builder gets the r*e*s*pect! That tells me volumes about him, even if I hadn't made my own assessment.

At the moment there is little to photograph, the floor went in yesterday, and because of the level of the build a picture will only show a flat grey sheet of cement, or the I will set up pictures when I have something worth looking at.

Next door informed me yesterday that "you would think that Peter is a softie because he speaks "so posh" but he has a steel core to him"...which is precisely why I picked him, he won't take ordering about by next door, who takes an active delight in pompously ordering people about when it comes to parking on my property. She has a Napoleon complex when it comes to authority - and her authority in particular - but then as I am a fan of Wellington's, [always wear 'em on a muddy siteLaughing] she meets her Waterloo on such occasions when she takes me on. Graciously of course, gently even, but as Maggie T said...the lady is not for turning, and I refuse to be ordered around on my own home turf.

It appears that she undertook to tell them where they could park the dumper and the digger and forbade them to unload blocks in the very space I had suggested to them. She is all agog to see the finished project and has promised me that she will be dropping in to tea in my new kitchen regularly. Oh Gawd...does this mean I will have to retire to the old kitchen for peace then??? Ah here, I'll just put up blinds and keep them tilted so she can't see if I am in or not Rolling EyesWink

Posted by: Irish Eyes on 21st Sep 2010 at 12:51PM

CalicoKate's Avatar Brilliant piece, Keep up the installments! Could do with a couple of guys like that over our way!

Posted by: CalicoKate on 21st Sep 2010 at 02:59PM

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