Cowart's Common Room

Just thought that some of you might like looking at a picture of some tired old domestic architecture, that hasn't travelled a million miles, in the soft light of an autumn evening. As ever, Frances, I am working on the interiors. This was adjacent to the chateau we visited the other day. Weather bright and beautiful. Wish you were all here. Uploaded Image

Posted at 21st Sep 2010 - 10:15AM   Posted by Fennie   Shed Comments: 8

Patsy's Avatar Is it an old pigeonnier Fennie? An unusual red stone too? Sandstone?
I'm used to white limestone buildings in my part of France.

Posted by: Patsy on 21st Sep 2010 at 10:20AM

Westerwitch's Avatar . . . Sigh. . . Would love an old something to restore . . . NO NOT HS. . . .who said that come on OWN UP . . . There will be detentions for everyone.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 21st Sep 2010 at 11:05AM

Posie Rosie's Avatar Full of character, sounds fab Fennie, enjoy

Posted by: Posie Rosie on 21st Sep 2010 at 11:13AM

Irish Eyes's Avatar Love this, it has a gracefulness of its own!

Posted by: Irish Eyes on 21st Sep 2010 at 12:26PM

Fennie's Avatar I don't know what it is, Patsy. We were down in the Averyron. Near Muret le Chateau. The stone is all that colour there. Just like Herefordshire.

Posted by: Fennie on 21st Sep 2010 at 04:06PM

Salle de Bain's Avatar Lot of red sandstone like that on Jersey's reflected in local names e.g. 'Redhouses'.

Would love to do that up and live in it...what a view.

Are the little holes where the upper floor timbers went, or are they deliberate openings?

Posted by: Salle de Bain on 21st Sep 2010 at 04:28PM

Frances's Avatar Fennie, please do keep on posting these beautiful, dream encouraging, pictures. It's grand to see them as I have my breakfast coffee.


Posted by: Frances on 22nd Sep 2010 at 01:32AM

Pondside's Avatar Please take me with you and Rosie the next time!

Posted by: Pondside on 22nd Sep 2010 at 06:17AM

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