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Turtle-Doves nearly gloves

At the Bishops Castle Michaelmas Fair, I found a delightful stall with the banner 'Turtle-Doves' and as anything with the word doves in it attracts my attention, I stopped to look.

There were baskets filled with rainbow colours of little pairs of .... what? They turned out to be cute little 'gloves' or mittens, with no fingers and ALL made from re-cycled jumpers - what a fab idea! There were lots of lovely old fashioned pegs hanging up with the little 'turtle-doves' dangling. It was the nicest stall on the field!

The website will explain it all much better than I can, so do go and have a look - there's so much on it!

I bought several pairs - a bright emerald and a soft blue-grey for me, and some for Christmas presents, including a gorgeous soft cashmere pair!

I started wearing them immediately and am completely hooked - you can even wear them inside in your chilly home, and have your fingers free - I'm hoping they will help my arthriticky hand problem!

The link is below - and no I havent got shares in the company, I just thought they were really sweet, and I love that they are made from jumpers that otherwise might have ended up being thrown away.

Turtle Doves

Posted at 20th Sep 2010 - 05:38PM   Posted by Faith   Turtle-Doves nearly gloves Comments: 2

Westerwitch's Avatar Oh I love these what a brilliant idea and now I can recycle my old jumpers that I couldn't bring myself to throw away.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 20th Sep 2010 at 07:41PM

CalicoKate's Avatar Thanks for that link Faith they look great. I knitted myself a pair last year but have no idea where they've gone :(

Posted by: CalicoKate on 20th Sep 2010 at 09:16PM

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