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Not ours alas, but a decorative arrangement of vegetables in Maurs market. photo taken by Andre, one of our summer visitors from Amsterdam.

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Posted at 15th Sep 2010 - 10:25AM   Posted by Arosebyanyothername   Picture of the Day Comments: 6

Tiggywinkle's Avatar I just love the passion the French have for choosing and displaying their fruit and vegetables. Lovely picture.

Posted by: Tiggywinkle on 15th Sep 2010 at 10:48AM

Fennie's Avatar Better get making your courgette cake. Perhaps I can help? Cool

Posted by: Fennie on 15th Sep 2010 at 12:49PM

Vic's Avatar very pretty!

Posted by: Vic on 15th Sep 2010 at 08:17PM

Faith's Avatar I showed my husband this as he is ex covent gardenSmile

Posted by: Faith on 15th Sep 2010 at 08:35PM

Frances's Avatar Rosie, as others have already written, this is a beautiful photo of terrific produce. I do love the combination in the stacking. The contrasts of shapes, colors textures make a gorgeous assemblage.

It's a wonderful picture of the day! xo

Posted by: Frances on 16th Sep 2010 at 02:53AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Love this - perhaps we should have a like this symbol like wot they do on Facebook.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 16th Sep 2010 at 03:19PM

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