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Can someone just explain a Kindle to this old Dinosaur Please?

Following on from the 'Greatest Invention' post...and Milla's comment, can someone explain the 'Kindle' to this old duffer please.

As a post grad student stuck in a rather remote place that lacks book shops, I'm wondering could this be useful? I have Googled it, but can not find out how wide a range of books are available. Are there lots of transcribed academic ebooks out there...does anyone know for instance?

My eyesight is not fantastic, and I am a traditionalist...but what the heck...even this old granny's willing to come up to speed if it's going to be advantageous in some way.

Very Happy

Posted at 14th Sep 2010 - 06:07PM   Posted by Salle de Bain   Can someone just explain a Kindle to this old Dinosaur Please? Comments: 2

Westerwitch's Avatar I only know what I have seen on the TV. . . .it is on Amazon perhaps there will be more explanation on there.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 14th Sep 2010 at 07:07PM

Milla's Avatar well, it's all ChrisH's fault. She mentioned the possibility (or reality even??) of her novel being put on it. Some evil lust kicked in ...
(for some reason this won't respond to the URL thing so will need cutting and pasting I'm afraid)

Posted by: Milla on 14th Sep 2010 at 07:18PM

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