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This is photo of my favourite tree, taken 2 weeks ago. Over 40 years ago I had a den in the hollowed out branch, with a rope laddered access. There are some great pictures of me, as a child, in the hollowed branch.

40+ years of my life is a large part of it, but in the life of this very old Spanish chestnut it is almost nothing.

What has not changed however is I am still that same person who loved the tree, and still an very much outdoors girl.

Do you have any pictures that tell a story about you and your life?

Posted at 14th Sep 2010 - 08:41AM   Posted by Arcadian advocate   Picture of the day Comments: 8

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This is the famous Bideford Wonky Conker. A local wood carver made the hand to support it when it started leaning over.

Posted by: Toady on 14th Sep 2010 at 08:51AM

Withy Brook's Avatar I do not have a picture, but there is a yew tree in the garden of Worsall Hall, where I was born and grew up. I used to spend a great deal of time in that tree, or swinging from it. The most important part it played in my life was that it had a branch arrangement near the top which made an excellent seat. I spent hours up there reading (I was a proper book worm!) and keeping an eye on the comings and goings from the house below.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 14th Sep 2010 at 08:56AM

Fennie's Avatar What a wonderful life-affirming, happy story with which to start this storm-swept autumnal day, AA. I haven't any pictures of the trees I climbed as a child. Just the house in which I grew up. This is the back view. My bedroom was the dormer in the middle. The house is now in rather better condition than it was then when the roof leaked and gales howled through all the windows. Uploaded Image

Posted by: Fennie on 14th Sep 2010 at 09:02AM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar As a child I played a lot with boys - cowboys and indians and suchlike. I had a flint gun for lighting the gas similar to the picture only mine was black. It shot sparks when the trigger was pulled. How it made the boys envious, but I used to loan it out sometimes.
Funny, but I can't remember what happened to it.
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Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 14th Sep 2010 at 10:06AM

Fennie's Avatar No we know who burnt down the Marquee!Evil or Very Mad

Posted by: Fennie on 14th Sep 2010 at 10:35AM

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We moved to this house when I was 5. The Canzan was outside of my bedroom window, and goldfinches built a nest out of sheeps wool each year at the top of the trunk. I could observe the hatches, feeds and fledging from my was a real bird's eye view of nature at it's best. As a child I was memserised by the blossom that fell like confetti at a wedding every time the late spring breeze blew. I loved the pink carpet it made across the lawn. My really special tree though, is just visible bottom right of picture. A very old Bramley which I would climb and sit in for hours. I'd read, even have my tea up there. It overlooked a footpath, and I used to pelt the boys with tiny under-developed apples when they dared venture pastEmbarassedLaughing. I bent my nose falling out of it once too....still bear the scars. My daughter used to sleep in a hammock beneath it's branches when she was small, and whenever I go back to visit the village I always check on the tree to make sure it is still there!

Posted by: Salle de Bain on 14th Sep 2010 at 11:33AM

Puffin's Avatar I don't have a picture of my favorite tree,but it was a Mulberry
It was hit by lightening and fell over.
A log was put under it and it continued to bloom and produce
berry's--Grammie had a Rock Garden made under it.
She liked to sit beside it,reading and smoking,as Mother would not let her do so,in the house--the smoking--

I spent early years here at 'the farm--and in the 1600 +
Ship Capt's ,15 room house.Miss the fire places and the river.

Hope the tree is still there

Still a farm girl at heart.

Posted by: Puffin on 14th Sep 2010 at 12:26PM

Faith's Avatar How very strange AA, that you should put this post up today. I was in Addlestone today, which is the town next to Chertsey where I used to live, and I passed the Crouch Oak which is supposed to be 1000 years old. I could only find this, very bad, photo of it on the internet. The trunk is huge!
Crouch Oak

A very favourite tree in my life was the pink blossom flowering cherry outside my family home. It was not in the garden but on the grass strip that ran down the cul de sac road. The trees had been planted pink and white alternately and when I was a little girl I always thought we were so lucky to have a pink one! It got bigger and bigger and was always loaded with pink blossom in season - I really miss that tree!Sad

Posted by: Faith on 14th Sep 2010 at 06:13PM

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