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My doves this summer

I have at last managed to blog about them! The last blog was in April.

dove blog here

I have terrible difficulties with Blogger. I think it must be me as everyone else seems to manage easily. If any one has any tips for me, I would be grateful - especially on how to close the massive gap between the end of my blog and the comments section. Thanks.Uploaded Image

Posted at 8th Sep 2010 - 08:23AM   Posted by Faith   My doves this summer Comments: 7

Angel's Avatar Going to have a look. It's just practise with Blogger m'dear and lots of trial and error. Just make sure you save everything as you go along or write the blog in a word document before transferring it in so you don't lose it like I did once!


Posted by: Angel on 8th Sep 2010 at 08:45AM

Withy Brook's Avatar Put the whatsit, that tells you where the next thing will go, immediately below the last line (or picture). Then keep on pressing delete. You think nothing is happening but it is and in the end you will find the comment section appears.
I have trouble getting pictures in the right place and often have gaps.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 8th Sep 2010 at 09:06AM

Tiggywinkle's Avatar I'm having trouble with the font and size. I set it as Trebuchet Normal. It shows up like that in preview, but publishes as something else. Drives me nuts. It would be great if someone could do a tutorial. Must whizz over to the doves Faith.

Posted by: Tiggywinkle on 8th Sep 2010 at 09:11AM

Tiggywinkle's Avatar Lovely to catch up with the Doves, Faith. Amazing how you keep track of them all. I didn't realize you had so many again. Great pics.

Posted by: Tiggywinkle on 8th Sep 2010 at 09:34AM

Faith's Avatar Thanks everyone - Withy I am off to try your idea now!

Posted by: Faith on 8th Sep 2010 at 04:44PM

Faith's Avatar Withy, thanks SO much! It worked! I was so frustrated yesterday, because I've had this prob - as well as others - with Blogger before and it's so annoying when you can't do what you want to.... and you know the solution is probably so easy, if only you knew how!

Posted by: Faith on 8th Sep 2010 at 04:57PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Maybe we should start a Blogger help section in the Techy bit in the forum . . . because it is just know how and when you do know how it is very simple.

Glad to see your Doves are back - hope all is well with them.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 8th Sep 2010 at 09:35PM

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