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Today is Thursday, June 10, 2010.

We had a busy day yesterday. Open farms and farmers who needed to have openings attended to (eg., Salle de Bain's knee, stitched up; on top of broken ribs and a bad chest infection which may give her the reputation of being an accident waiting for a place to happen). Big Purple Hugs, Salle. And remember, farming is everybody's bread and butter (and pork, and beef, and sweater, and shoes, and . . .).

Tiggy's brother is off the ventilator now there's good newsExclamation Continuing Big Purple Hugs.

Likewise, yesterday's picture of a rose by Jaynebeth was exquisite.

And to escape world Cup Fever, Toady wants to find an island without communication equipment. If I could figure out what kind of cup the World Cup is, I might understand better. Mug? Tea cup? Insulated cup? (Maybe it's just that I'm in one of the colonies and don't "get it.") Rolling Eyes

And so the day went. Right up to the "Owl Call" for those who give a hoot about what happens at skool after Headmistress goes home. Here is one place where "Oil's Well." The Gulf of Mexico however, . . . I think needs More Purple Hugs.

Tea for today is not purple, it's Assam, in a blue tin. Ginger snaps, and Amaretti Cookies (gluten free) the basis is Almond paste.

Hope you have a grand day!

Posted at 10th Jun 2010 - 05:45AM   Posted by Rob-bear   GOOD MORNING! Comments: 2

Jaynebeth's Avatar Morning Bear - in fact Good Morning Bear.

World Cup fever has infected the work place - I got Chile in the sweepstake. - Hurrah - Go Chile.

Posted by: Jaynebeth on 10th Jun 2010 at 09:49AM

Irish Eyes's Avatar I am SOOOO NOT interested in the World Cup, and it has nothing to do with French Ball handlingRazz either. I dread WC years, when everyone goes mad and there is only one topic of discussion, at least in NON WC years we might squeeze a bit of world affairs, Murder She Wrote, and a cuppa in between Athlone 0 Longford 7,896 [they wish!] and I am SOOOO seriously interested in those gluten free cookies.

Gd' evening Bear! Mine's an Earl Grey please for tomorrow.

Posted by: Irish Eyes on 10th Jun 2010 at 09:06PM

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