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Hello to all the Owls that may still be awake,

What a change in the weather here, severe winds, hailstones, and raining all day. Did venture out with Daisy over the woods, it was warm fluffy towels when we got back.

Just going to pop the kettle on for a cuppa, if you are having trouble sleeping then this is the place to be, hop on the perch for a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams.
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Posted at 31st May 2010 - 12:30AM   Posted by Camilla   I CAN'T SLEEP CHAT POST Comments: 15

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Posted by: Camilla on 31st May 2010 at 12:38AM

Frances's Avatar Hello Camilla.

Love both those paintings. Such different moods. Is the lady in the first picture thinking about the second scene?

Glad that you and Daisy got outdoors and managed to escape hail stones. We might have a storm later, but the air seems too calm for that ... at least to me.

Also glad to have the server serving just a bit tonight.

Let me check blogs and be back.

Hello to you, too, Bear, and other owls who may soon land.


Posted by: Frances on 31st May 2010 at 12:47AM

Tiggywinkle's Avatar Hi Camilla,
I've been with my dear brother in hospital for most of the day. He has been transferred into The High Dependency Unit. They are trying to get his fever and heartbeat down. They were putting in yet another line as we were leaving. I am dreadfuuly sad, as he didn't deserve the life of suffering he has had. We are overwhelmed with the kindness of people. A young man from "Friends of the elderly" who visits him regularly sat with him for 3 hours yesterday to give us a break. It was 2 kind neighbours, who missed him walking down the road, who called (its his wish to live alone), weren't happy with how he looked and called the ambulance immediately. My sister who was with him on Wednesday didn't think he was too well, but he said he was O.K. The carer who goes in every morning,observed his keys on the table and rang us immediately.

Tomorrow we hope to have a better picture when more tests. come back. I don't know what to do with myself. I have to keep bus, so I've just made some preserved Lemons for Tagines, and preserved some lemons in Olive oil. Say a little prayer for him.
Extremely cold here too, but sunny to-day.

Posted by: Tiggywinkle on 31st May 2010 at 12:54AM

Camilla's Avatar Hello Frances,

Thank you, the paintings are so different, and yes Frances that's it exactly.! the lady at the end of the porch is thinking about the second theme.

Daisy rushed upstairs once she had been towel dryed and hid under the bed once she heard those hailstones...... she loathes noise.

Pleased to hear you have better server connection tonight Frances.

I have been searching for car document, can't find it anywhere, said originally I will put it here for safe keeping, the problem is no idea where safe keeping is.!

Just going to take a tour Frances, back later.


Posted by: Camilla on 31st May 2010 at 12:57AM

Camilla's Avatar Hello Tiggy,

So sorry to have missed you. Terribly sad about your dear brother Tiggy in HDU, know how worried you must be for him.

Pleased to hear Friends of the Elderly came to help out to give you a break, these friends and carers are soooo kind.

Good to keep busy Tiggy and try to keep one's mind from it, although can't be easy at such a difficult time.

If I was there I would love to help out, shall say a prayer tonight for your dear brother Tiggy.

In the meantime sending you some gentle hugs Tiggy, think you need them right now.


Posted by: Camilla on 31st May 2010 at 01:34AM

Tiggywinkle's Avatar Thank you Camilla for your kind words. Its so great to be able to come here for a bit of company, kindness and friendship. The house is so silent. I just hope he will be O.K. I think I will make my hot water bottle, and try to get some sleep. I'm exhausted. Nightie night and talk to you tomorrow.

Posted by: Tiggywinkle on 31st May 2010 at 01:50AM

Camilla's Avatar You need flash to view this videoYou need flash to view this video

Posted by: Camilla on 31st May 2010 at 01:53AM

Camilla's Avatar Thank you Tiggy,

Have PM you, hope you get a good night's sleep, perhaps a wee nip of whiskey in your bedtime drink when you make your hottie up for bedtime Tiggy.

Nighty Night dear Tiggy.


Posted by: Camilla on 31st May 2010 at 01:55AM

Frances's Avatar Tiggy, even though I do hope that your eyes have already closed, I want to send my very best wishes to you and to your brothers. I admire his wish for independence. I greatly admire your way of finding a positive thread everywhere. xo

Posted by: Frances on 31st May 2010 at 02:07AM

Frances's Avatar And Camilla, I also wish you sweet dreams.

I am so looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I am going to try to keep a relaxing low profile.

See you and our other owl buddies tomorrow evening. xo

Posted by: Frances on 31st May 2010 at 02:09AM

Camilla's Avatar Thank you Frances, so pleased to hear you have a day off from work tomorrow. Enjoy your relaxing day dear friend.

The word buddies...... that is the title of the second pic Frances, beach buddies.!

Night night Frances, sweetest of dreams to you, see you tomorrow evening.


Posted by: Camilla on 31st May 2010 at 02:14AM

Camilla's Avatar Nighty night Owls, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow although it is already tomorrow here.!Smile


Posted by: Camilla on 31st May 2010 at 02:16AM

Puffin's Avatar Late again-
So sorry to hear about you dear Brother Tiggy-hope they find out his problem and fix it quickly.

Nice to see all the owl's back again.
Busy day planting the Veggie Garden and put in two Herbs.
Had to pull up some Violets to let the Mint breath as they are smoothering it.
Can't get Body and Soul as some one has restricted it.
Lovely romantic piece--I always enjoy.

Posted by: Puffin on 31st May 2010 at 02:59AM

Blackbird's Avatar Hi Puffin! I hope that all is well with you and yours.

Tiggy, I wanted to add my thoughts and prayers for your dear brother. It's so hard to balance independence and safety for our loved ones, isn't it? Take care yourself as you wait for good news and continue to keep busy. You put us all to shame with what you accomplish on a normal day.

Posted by: Blackbird on 31st May 2010 at 03:16AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Thank you Nite owls

Posted by: Westerwitch on 31st May 2010 at 09:50AM

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