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Some call them weeds, others wildflowers, I think the Americans refer to them as volunteers! What ever you like to call them, I am often loathe to pull them up, and I will never have a daisy free lawn as I love them so much. I struggle similiarly with Green Alkanet, Buttercups, Periwinkle and Scarlet Pimpernel - too pretty to use chemicals, so I hand weed them once they are flowered, but try to avoid them seeding!

Do you have a favourite weed, or wildflower?

Posted at 30th May 2010 - 02:08PM   Posted by Zoe   Picture for Today Comments: 6

Faith's Avatar Lovely picture Zoe. I'm fond of all the pretty little wildflowers - daisies and speedwell in particular. In my old garden, I used to mow round the daisiesLaughing

Posted by: Faith on 30th May 2010 at 04:25PM

Fennie's Avatar I love speedwell too. And forget me nots and Penny Moons and those lovely dead nettles with variegated leaves and yellow flowers. How could children live without daisies, or clover come to that? To lie idly in the sun making daisy chains, using a buttercup to see whether butter would melt in your mouth (it always did) and hunting for four leaved clovers on a summer afternoon with the river tinkling by and the birds singing overhead is really all you ever need. You feel that you have already become an illustration by EH Shepherd.

Posted by: Fennie on 30th May 2010 at 07:02PM

Tiggywinkle's Avatar Daisies are a must. They are the essence of childhood. Is there anything more lovely than a toddler or small child presenting you with a bunch of daisies? I have yet to see one who doesn't it naturally. I love the variety of flowers that grow wild in different areas at different times of the year such as Rhododendrons, Poppies, Valerian, Fuschia, Honeysuckle, Dogroses, Heather,Monbretia,,Foxgloves,,Sweet Rocket, and Montbretia. They look so pretty and scent the air so beautifully.

Posted by: Tiggywinkle on 30th May 2010 at 11:38PM

Westerwitch's Avatar I love them all - and we too mow round them - in fact last year we mowed a path through the lawn and left all the flowers and flowering grasses.

Thank you for the picture Zoe . . . good to see you and others empathic with wild flowers.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 31st May 2010 at 12:01AM

Daisies. Wonderful. And a brilliant picture, too, Zoe.

We have a huge patch of them in our yard, in our "bird sanctuary." And they seem to "volunteer" all over the place in our yard.

Having grown up in the city, I've never learned how to make a "daisy chain." A totally deprived childhood, if ever there were one. Sad

Posted by: Rob-bear on 31st May 2010 at 12:04AM

Camilla's Avatar I love the Daisies Zoe, and all the wild flowers too, I loathe to get rid of any of them. I usually hand weed them too once they have flowered.

Posted by: Camilla on 31st May 2010 at 12:42AM

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