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Strawberries and Cream

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I thought I would share this with you - the latest acquisition to my every growing collection of fruits and berries both at home and the allotment.

So far I have planted Blue/black/goose/raspberries and 5 different strawberries; above is Tarpan, who is delicious just for the colour of her flowers alone and remind me of strawberries and cream. I have also planted 3 new cherries, a damson and a Mirabelle at home, along with 2 grapes (I am forever the optimist).

What's doing well in your garden at the moment? Would love to see.

Posted at 28th May 2010 - 02:10PM   Posted by Zoe   Strawberries and Cream Comments: 7

Preseli Mags's Avatar I love strawberry flowers, they're so beautiful. That one looks like a rose! Beautiful and delicious, what more could you want?

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 28th May 2010 at 02:48PM

The flower is beautiful. But I'm overwhelmed by the thought of everything you've got in your garden. Or is it your professionally cared for private orchard? What ever it is, it sounds lovely. Very Happy

Some days, we're lucky if we can get dandylions to grow here.

Posted by: Rob-bear on 28th May 2010 at 03:19PM

Mags - well it won't surprise you to learn that strawberries are in the same family as Roses; Rosaceae.

Bear - nope - no professional care here - I have a smallish garden, and an allotment that I rent in the village.

I do almost all the work myself with the exception of anything I am not physically able to do - like double digging, all the planting, pruning, feeding and maintenance is down to me. I have more than a passing interest in horticulture and garden design, so I expect that's why it all seems a bit much - some call me a keen amateur gardener - others would say I was a fanatic!

I do have qualifications in this field though, even though I don't use them except at home.

You might enjoy a snoop here, so you can see what I have been doing this year with the veggies etc at the allotment - sort of a photograph diary of my progress:

Down on the Allotment

Posted by: Zoe on 28th May 2010 at 03:31PM

Faith's Avatar Had a quick peep - gosh Zoe it looks very methodical and professional.

Posted by: Faith on 28th May 2010 at 04:12PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Sheer garden and picture envy Very Happy

Posted by: Westerwitch on 28th May 2010 at 07:39PM

Withy Brook's Avatar That is fab, Zoe. What a lot of work!

Posted by: Withy Brook on 28th May 2010 at 09:54PM

Camilla's Avatar Hi Zoe,

What a gorgeous colour to the strawberry flower, have never grown strawberry's and did not realise the flowers to them were so lovely as this.

Shall be seeking the Tarpan one out at garden nursery Zoe, thanks for the tip.

Allotment is brilliant Zoe, I would love to grow veggies, none here but maybe hope to do one day.

Posted by: Camilla on 30th May 2010 at 12:53AM

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