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Sort of wasted sunny day

It has been gorgeous today - 24C here and 27C in Harrogate, according to my car. And I spent it in a Hotel Twisted Evil But with some very nice people Laughing - of whom 4 were contemporaries, being about to be 80. Rolling Eyes It was the AGM of the Old Ethelburgian Association and we had a lovely chat and a good lunch, so I suppose I can't really grumble.
The only real problem was that by the time I got home the Rape had got to my chest and was making me cough. Beastly stuff.
I hope you have all been making the most of what may be the summer Confused

Posted at 22nd May 2010 - 06:40PM   Posted by Withy Brook   Sort of wasted sunny day Comments: 4

Faith's Avatar Oh it's going to be even hotter tomorrow I think! Baby Z is being baptised tomorrow - pray he doesnt cry all the way through like his mummy did in the same church 31 years ago!

Glad you had a nice time with your old friends, Withy. I must look up Old Ethelburgian Ass. - sounds very posh!

Posted by: Faith on 22nd May 2010 at 07:42PM

Hmmmm. . . . Fun with friends and misadventure by Rape. Sounds Holmsian. Sir Arthur could have had fun with a line like that.

I'm with Faith in thinking that your Association sounds quite fascinating. Pls. tell us more.

Posted by: Rob-bear on 22nd May 2010 at 11:55PM

Westerwitch's Avatar I spent the day doing housework - but did manage to take the dogs out. And now it is pouring with rain.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 23rd May 2010 at 07:04AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Hope the cough has gone today and that the sun is shining and you are able to get out in your garden.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 23rd May 2010 at 07:05AM

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