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Today is Friday, May 21, 2010.

The ground was white for a while yesterday afternoon. NO, it wasn't snow; it was hail. Some of the hail stones were about the size of peas; some, about the size of marbles. They came in the midst of a thunderstorm, so the ice didn't last very long. Of course, we've had several hot, humid days, so I suppose this hail was to be expected. I haven't noted much damage locally, so I think we're OK. But there may be some crop damage — I'll find out about that tomorrow.

When was the last time you had hail in your district? Do you remember how much?

Just about fell off my chair laughing at Faith's joke yesterday:
Customer: “Waiter – there is volcanic ash in my soup!!”
Waiter: “Yes sir, it’s a no-fly zone”.
Now that is creative use of language! LaughingLaughingRolling Eyes We just keep proving over and over again that the inhabitants of Cowart's Skool are a very clever bunch. Clever at so many things. Very Happy

Angel is heading towards major surgery. Big Purple Vibes for her, please.

English Breakfast tea this morning. We've got Irish Breakfast, and Scottish Breakfast, too (and will serve them in the next few days). But I don't have any Welsh Breakfast tea. Is there such a thing? Could somebody let me know about that? Diolch. In the biscuit tins, some "Nice" sugar cookies (Peak Freans). Sorry about store-bought; busy day yesterday.

Hope you have a grand day!

Posted at 21st May 2010 - 05:05AM   Posted by Rob-bear   GOOD MORNING! Comments: 7

Faith's Avatar Bear I didnt make that joke upEmbarassed it got sent to me in an email.

Posted by: Faith on 21st May 2010 at 08:34AM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar Bore da! Bear. Does this answer you question:
Uploaded Image

I shall be making Welsh cakes again today. Fennie and J arrive and he has requested them. Thanks for the tea and bikkies. Off to sort the beds out now.

Purple vibes sent first class post to Angel.

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 21st May 2010 at 09:07AM

All the best to angel xx
And rose beat me to the aboveVery Happy

Posted by: Bodran on 21st May 2010 at 10:27AM

Tiggywinkle's Avatar Interesting about the Hail Stones, Bear.Palomina's friends in Brisbane run a company dealing specifically with car body repair from Hail damage all over the world.

My heart goes out to Angel, suffering so much pain. Please God the surgery will be a great success for her.

Loved Faiths joke. Went over to the Jokes forum and had a good laugh at some of the jokes.

Posted by: Tiggywinkle on 21st May 2010 at 10:37AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Screeeeeech to a halt - too late for tea - thank you for your Good Morning post Bear . . . ArrowArrowArrow

Posted by: Westerwitch on 21st May 2010 at 11:22AM

Frances's Avatar Another tea that I like is Ceylon breakfast tea. It's a bit milder way to start the day.

Posted by: Frances on 21st May 2010 at 01:03PM

Shw mae, bore da! y diolch, Rosie. (Bear, in his certifiable decrepitude, is trying to learn Welsh; it's a long story. Any assistance gratefully received.)

I also did find an American company (in California; where else? Rolling Eyes) that stocks Welsh Breakfast tea. Now I'm all set. Cool

Posted by: Rob-bear on 21st May 2010 at 01:14PM

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