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Coffee time!

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Hello everyone... er.... anyone? I thought I was a day late and a dollar short, but it seems everyone else is too.

The coffee is instant, but fair trade and there are biscuits in the tin.. homemade coconut and oat chewy things... yummy... but no cake today.

I've been untangling a piece of prickly blackthorn from the tail of my littlest pony. Goodness knows how he got in such a tangle, but every time he took a step it spiked him in a very sensitive place. He's the one I got after answering a plea in County Living by the RSPCA who had rescued 53 ponies in South Wales. He had been quite scared by his early upbringing, but he's a total sweetheart now. He let me unpick the tree from his tail and I gave him a bit of a haircut while I was back there.

One thing led to another so I tacked up one of the mares (not the one in season, silly tart) and had a (very) short ride. Now I'm in for a late coffee - what are you all up to today?

Posted at 17th May 2010 - 11:27AM   Posted by Preseli Mags   Coffee time! Comments: 11

Jaynebeth's Avatar Homemade chewy things are ok by me.

I'm at work - ploughing my way through a ridiculous amount of paperwork, updating accounts and reading contracts.

Good news though - the vat man's sent a refund so I'm off to the bank. 2.17 won't keep the office in biscuits!

Posted by: Jaynebeth on 17th May 2010 at 11:38AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Morning PM.
Just in for a quick cup while my fairy footprints dry!
(painted in perlescent paint on pretty attempt to find something crafty at pocket money prices for the children that come into the studio...I do monster marks as well for the boys and can't believe how popular they've both been)
Your wee pony sounds a darling PM what "flavour" is he?

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 17th May 2010 at 11:42AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Aw bless to your pony - black coffee and a chewy thingy for me . . . office work today Evil or Very Mad

Posted by: Westerwitch on 17th May 2010 at 11:45AM

Preseli Mags's Avatar Well a refund is better than a bill! Laughing Not quite a match for last Friday's Euromillions jackpot though.

Here's a picture of the pony I was untangling (taken in the snow in January) he is a little darling too; a little Welsh Section A gelding called Bullseye (after the Toy Story character and because he has one blue eye):

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Posted by: Preseli Mags on 17th May 2010 at 11:46AM

Patsy's Avatar Well, I'm afraid I completely agee with your picture about herbal teas..can't get on with them at all Laughing
Mr. Green A ride out however short is a great start to the day PM!

Posted by: Patsy on 17th May 2010 at 11:48AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Ohhhhh he's just lovely . . .

And thank you for being today's coffee monitor.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 17th May 2010 at 11:50AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar He's just gorgeous.Very Happy

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 17th May 2010 at 11:51AM

Dancing Dog's Avatar I'm quite envious, what a lovely way to spend a Monday morning. I'm now at work shuffling papers. Anything that's coconut and chewy gets my vote, thanks.

Sweet little pony, how lucky his is to have found his "forever" home with you.Very Happy

Posted by: Dancing Dog on 17th May 2010 at 12:14PM

Salle de Bain's Avatar Well done you on untangling at the 'dangerous end' as I call it here! I've just received 2 cracked ribs...funnily enough from the not so dangerous end...just a playful foal...not her fault at all! Very painful never the less...but it does get me out of mucking out and weeding for a few days...every cloud etc. etc. Rolling Eyes

How wonderful that you rescued that gorgeous beast....I wonder if the other 52 found new homes too? I hope so!

Posted by: Salle de Bain on 17th May 2010 at 12:48PM

Tiggywinkle's Avatar What a sweet little pony. Rescue horses and other animals always seem to respond to love so well. I'd love him for Muffin.

Posted by: Tiggywinkle on 17th May 2010 at 03:03PM

Wonderful little critter, PM. And you're so kind with him.

But I'm puzzled. Around here, "homemade coconut and oat chewy things" are called macaroons. Headmistress will eat yours, but not mine.

Hmmm. . . Exclamation Exclamation

Bear is becoming VERY suspicious. Time for the deerstalker hat, and an investigation. Cool

Posted by: Rob-bear on 17th May 2010 at 08:28PM

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