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Today is Tuesday, May 10, 2010.

Yesterday, KittyB shared the news that her Robins were gone. All grown up and flown away, apparently. For her, they left lovely memories, and through her, delightful pictures for us to recall.

On this side of the pond, particularly in the hinterland where Bear lives, spring migration is about to begin. There harbingers have been a Yellow-rumped Warbler, Song Sparrow, Chipping Sparrow, Belted Kingfisher, and American Robin (which is actually a thrush). From now until the end of May is what we have traditionally understood as the main time when birds are on the move. Bear, having nothing better to do, will keep his eyes pealed for the latest arrivals.

Bear is also sending out purple vibes to Faith and her beloved dog, who (apparently) will undergo surgery this morning. Let us keep both of them in our heart and in our thoughts. See her "Vibes tomorrow please!" post of yesterday for details.

In Britain, Her Majesty's Privy Council is still functioning, but there is not Parliament. How many of us would truly notice if Westminster sat idle for the rest of the spring and summer? Vexing question, that.

In response to a post yesterday by Preseli Mags, (entitled "Hmmm....") Bear was sharing a dream which included "007 for leader of the SNP!" In that, Bear erred. That should have been "Sir 007 for leader of the SNP!" It behoves all of us to observe propriety.

There should be mind-morning coffee and pictures later. Bear will make his usual, and very modest, contribution by supplying English Breakfast tea and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to the early risers. (Tea will probably be stone cold by time coffee is ready.)

Hope you have a grand day.

Posted at 11th May 2010 - 06:24AM   Posted by Rob-bear   GOOD MORNING! Comments: 6

Preseli Mags's Avatar Thanks for the tea Bear, although I'll pass on the cookie as I've just had a bowl of the best muesli in the world (Dorset Cereals). I think I'm a bit addicted to muesli! See you all later for coffee and continuing the vibes for Faiths little Yorkie.

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 11th May 2010 at 08:28AM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar Thank for the tea, Bear - very welcome. I am now awake. I don't think I will have a cookies as I have just had a bowl of meusli.

I am adding my purple vibes to yours, Bear and I think the time is approaching for the little dog's op.

We had another storm in the night. Everything very wet.

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 11th May 2010 at 08:30AM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar Well! Would you believe it! PM and I posted at the same time and the first sentence is almost identical except my meusli was not Dorset although I wish it was - can't get that here.

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 11th May 2010 at 08:33AM

Preseli Mags's Avatar Isn't that funny! I had to giggle and then get the girls off to school, but I did wonder if we'd had the same muesli too. I had the Really Nutty variety, which seems appropriate for me!

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 11th May 2010 at 09:07AM

Jaynebeth's Avatar Hello Bear - Spring has indeed sprung, Gloucestershire has returned to its alternative state from grey and drizzly to a green and pleasant land.

I'll have a cookie please - and might sneak also anyone elses that were left on the plate!

Posted by: Jaynebeth on 11th May 2010 at 09:43AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Thank you for the tea Bear . . . I'll pass on the biscuits though as I have just had a bowl of . . . oh wait . . . no I haven't and I'm hungry so I'll have PM's bikkies and Rosies's as well Twisted Evil

Posted by: Westerwitch on 11th May 2010 at 10:02AM

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