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hello , every one uncle doing ok at the moment so fingers crossed , sorry i missed the party ,, but i bet you all had good fun ,,, thankyou for your lovely messages on new york ,,, gosh just saying it makes me shiver ,,, i wondered if i could ask for your help ,, i have no idea on what to pack for the queen mary or the ride over america so any help and advice ,,,, im on budget trip free but i have to get clothing ,, so im little worried on what to get ,, so please if you can help love jep xx

Posted at 7th May 2010 - 05:54PM   Posted by Jep   jep Comments: 2

Faith's Avatar How exciting for you Jep, but I can understand you might get in a tizz about clothes cos I would be the same.

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This might help - questions and answers from the Cunard website.

Casual wear - mix and match - during the day, and no doubt formal wear for the evening - 'dressing for dinner'.

I have only been on one cruise in my life - when I was 17 with my parents and goodness knows how it's changed since then, but you should be able to get help from the website, and don't go mad with buying clothes you can't afford. Casual trousers, shorts, skirts and mix and match tops during the day, and a few nice evening clothes should see you through. If it was me, I'd be scouring the charity shops or ebay for some nice bargains!

Hope this helps Jep.

Faith x

Posted by: Faith on 7th May 2010 at 06:47PM

Camilla's Avatar Hi Jep, thank you, very exciting about your trip to NY, I am sure you will have a grand time. Ah, what a sweetie Faith is to leave link, completely agree about the clothes above mentioned, and yes...... good idea about scouring some of those vintage charity shops and E-bay, one can get some great bargains.

Best of luck Jep, let us know how you get on.


Posted by: Camilla on 8th May 2010 at 01:07AM

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