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Rosie was actually down to do this, but has lost her phone connection and internet . . . so here instead is my picture of the day . . .

This is a little wild flower growing down our track - do you know what it is?

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Posted at 1st May 2010 - 03:14PM   Posted by Westerwitch   Picture of the Day Comments: 4

Fennie's Avatar No idea: but it's pretty, all the same. Maybe it's a new species - the Purple Cooslip!

Posted by: Fennie on 1st May 2010 at 06:29PM

Twiglet's Avatar Looks like a violet - about the same colour as the purple coo I am dumfing - will post it to you when its done - just a bit of fun!

Posted by: Twiglet on 1st May 2010 at 07:21PM

Tis a violet Smile

Posted by: Zoe on 1st May 2010 at 07:38PM

Frances's Avatar Yes, even if I am no gardener, I agree with Zoe. It's got to be a violet. What lovely flowers they are, so many different versions.

Posted by: Frances on 2nd May 2010 at 12:00AM

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