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Mystery pic

I have blogged on my photo blog (Cait's Photos - and there is a link from my other blog).Cait's Photos

The reason I am announcing it here is that one of the photos in my latest post has a mysterious presence showing on it and I would like some suggestions as to what it may be.

Posted at 28th Nov 2009 - 09:36PM   Posted by Cait   Mystery pic Comments: 2

Withy Brook's Avatar A mystery to me, Cait. In a way it seems like something on the lens but would that be white? I am an ignoramus in these matters I fear.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 28th Nov 2009 at 11:04PM

Camilla's Avatar Lovely photo's Cait, a Dove or an Angel I think.


Posted by: Camilla on 29th Nov 2009 at 01:53AM

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