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Ashes !!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are squeamish about human ashes don't look in the comments!!
But look what some b****rs did on my field Twisted Evil.
They did ask permission to park in the yard while they walked up bodran mynydd to scatter them we are halfway up and the nearest parking place so nell gave it.. But they must have been to lazy and dumped them right by our driveway to see as we come in and out Evil or Very Mad.
I don't even know whos they are Shocked and the wind blows up hill at us..Grrr Grrrr

Posted at 27th Nov 2009 - 02:30PM   Posted by Bodran   Ashes !!!!!!!!!!!! Comments: 14

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Posted by: Bodran on 27th Nov 2009 at 02:31PM

Withy Brook's Avatar How disgraceful. No way to find out either, I do not suppose.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 27th Nov 2009 at 02:50PM

ChrisH's Avatar Not squeamish, but poor you... and poor old deceased being dumped.

Posted by: ChrisH on 27th Nov 2009 at 02:58PM

Faith's Avatar How awful for the poor person who died. How could the person who dumped them, and the flowers think they were doing the right thing in any way whatsoever? I am not squeamish, but that just makes me sad.

Posted by: Faith on 27th Nov 2009 at 03:01PM

Westerwitch's Avatar How bizarre, thoughtless and selfish to the deceased and to you.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 27th Nov 2009 at 03:07PM

Peterwf's Avatar Interestingly when done by the professionals in a garden of remembrance, (assuming the deceased is Christian) the ashes are distributed in a neat cross.
That looks like the ashes were dumped, not scattered.
Not my idea of respect......

Posted by: Peterwf on 27th Nov 2009 at 03:23PM

Preseli Mags's Avatar The scattering of ashes is banned in some places - where they were becoming too popular and the deceased were everywhere. That does look like a dumped rather than a scattering but I suppose they were doing their best in difficult circumstances.

Personally I prefer the tale of the huntsman who insisted in his will that he wanted his body not to go to waste, but to be fed to his hounds. To comply with the terms of the will he was cremated and the hounds were given the ashes. Very nutritious apparently.

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 27th Nov 2009 at 03:46PM

The respectful thing got me to me to! definatly just dumped in an obviously grazed well used field, monty hasnt spotted them yet but he will ... off to ludlow now xx

Posted by: Bodran on 27th Nov 2009 at 04:19PM

Fennie's Avatar Looking on the bright side they'll be quickly gone, though I suppose you could sweep then up (hoover with an extension?) and put them in an urn?

I am wondering if it were me what I would prefer: to be washed into a contaminated watercourse or to be put in a bottle. And would I confer a special benevolence on anyone putting me in a bottle? What I would say is please take the flowers and use them. After all they are no use to me (ashes that I am). The worst thing about this is not knowing who I was. And the need to create a new identity now. This could turn into a story.

I suppose it's harder to dispose of ashes if you give them a name. But what name? Not a human name, obviously. Firecracker might work.

Anyhow good luck with your new neighbour.

Posted by: Fennie on 27th Nov 2009 at 04:39PM

Ivy's Avatar Hope he/she goes haunting the people who did this. In Germany we must bury our deceased/ or their ashes in a cemetery, I always thought this ridiculous until I read your post.

Posted by: Ivy on 27th Nov 2009 at 04:53PM

KittyB's Avatar Ugh. I hope it rains on them soon so they will soak away.
How bizarre.

Posted by: KittyB on 27th Nov 2009 at 05:44PM

Mountainear's Avatar What a strange thing to do. The detective in me wants to know more and why. Obviously the deceased was loved enough to warrant a little posy of flowers but not enough to make the extra effort.

They'll wash away.

Enjoy Ludlow? Will we see you en route?

Posted by: Mountainear on 27th Nov 2009 at 05:51PM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar Not exactly what you'd call scattered are they - more dumped!

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 27th Nov 2009 at 05:53PM

CalicoKate's Avatar How utterly horrid, and distresspectful to him/her and to you.

Posted by: CalicoKate on 28th Nov 2009 at 03:24PM

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