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I absolutely love Christmas and am going to wrap some presents this afternoon! Does anyone else shop and wrap early or write cards early on? I suppose I've got a lot of time on my hands right now but one can only watch so much daytime telly Laughing

Posted at 18th Nov 2009 - 01:16PM   Posted by Crystal Jigsaw   Christmas Comments: 15

Boudicca23's Avatar I'm normally much more organised and by this time of year have most of my presents in place, but I've been thrown by having to spend two weeks in Budapest to nurse my mum's who's having surgery. We're coming home this Saturday and, frankly, I can't wait! I shall, though, be lucky enough to see the opening day of the big Christmas Market (one of those continental ones with the little wooden chalets) that is currently being constructed about a minute's walk from where we're staying. I had hoped to get presents out here but they're all more expensive than I thought

Posted by: Boudicca23 on 18th Nov 2009 at 01:31PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Usually I am a panic last minute shopper - but this year I have nearly all my Xmas shopping done - and working on my cards and my new Easel Cards which I am launching in Edinburgh . . . never ever been this organised before . . . Very Happy

Posted by: Westerwitch on 18th Nov 2009 at 02:01PM

I haven't bought any presents yet, but I will buy my Christmas cards soon, as I tend to write a bit in each as a catch up to friends I havent seen in a while. I hate scrawled writing, or things that looked rushed and not thought about and I try and take my time, so that it looks like I bothered, if you know what I mean.

As for pressies, I think I may just put an order into Amazon etc, I really can't face the shops.

Posted by: Zoe on 18th Nov 2009 at 02:21PM

Withy Brook's Avatar I hate the shops so buy on line mostly. I have a few but quite a lot still to go. My cards, this year, are nearly all left-overs from previous years. I have only had to buy a few. I have made a start on them. Quite a number just get signed, so I am not sure why they are sent. Just to let the recipient know that we are still in the land of the living, I suppose! I have cut back somewhat this year. The rest do have a note added - written, not scrawled, like you Zoe.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 18th Nov 2009 at 02:43PM

Crystal Jigsaw's Avatar I'm with you Zoe and Withy, online shopping definitely rules as far as I'm concerned! Can't stand the shops and as Withy probably knows, we haven't much choice up here anyway, unless I venture to Newcastle which I never ever do! Apart from which, as I can't drive this year I'm relying on the farmer to take me everywhere and that's not easy.

Yes, Amazon are great for pressies.

Posted by: Crystal Jigsaw on 18th Nov 2009 at 03:31PM

Ivy's Avatar Gosh I haven't even got a birthday present for my dad who's birthday is on the 6th of december!! Not a single Christmas present either!Shocked Christmas cards here are not as big a topic as in UK . Usually they either are a message from a friend to a friend with some good wishes for the Christmas season, and the new year and a short update on how one is doing. Or they are business-Christmas cards on the lines of " thank you for working with us and may you have a very successful new year".

Just a signed card would be looked at as being a bit odd

Posted by: Ivy on 18th Nov 2009 at 05:00PM

Preseli Mags's Avatar I'm beginning to get organised. I can't wait to get the tree up - but Christmas has to wait until after R5 becomes R6 on December 2nd. Then Christmas is officially allowed to start!

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 18th Nov 2009 at 05:07PM

Crystal Jigsaw's Avatar Can definitely understand that, PM. I used to leave all the decs until after my birthday on the 13th, but I just can't wait these days. My childhood has come back I think. I'll probably put the decs up the week before.

Posted by: Crystal Jigsaw on 18th Nov 2009 at 05:25PM

Suffolkmum's Avatar Gosh I never ever do anything about Christmas until December. I am super busy this year so everything will be done online and very last minute, but even if I had oodles of time I don't think I could bear to do it before December - it would just feel all wrong! I do love Christmas and I can see the point of getting organised in time, but I only love it in December!

Posted by: Suffolkmum on 18th Nov 2009 at 05:30PM

Snailbeachshepherdess's Avatar arrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhh can somebody come and do mine please probably on or about 23 Dec - no good at Christmas - never have been - never will be!

Posted by: Snailbeachshepherdess on 18th Nov 2009 at 07:20PM

Faith's Avatar I have presents but never wrap this early. I might if I had somewhere to lay them out where they wouldnt get crushed, I suppose.

Posted by: Faith on 18th Nov 2009 at 08:44PM

I love Christmas too, but for me there is a time and a place and November is not it, I think it is too early. I do prepare my homemade gifts through the year as that would be an unfortunate rush if left, but Christmas should be for December.

This year, Christmas will be very low key as we just do not feel up to it, and friends and family are respecting this.

Somewhere we are losing sight of the true meaning of Christmas, and slowing it down a bit and avoiding the hype does seem to make me think more about the real meaning of Christmas, and if we want to be pedantic, Christmas really only happens after Advent.

Posted by: Celtic Heart on 18th Nov 2009 at 08:46PM

Ivy's Avatar YupCH that is how we do it in Germany. Trees are not up until Dec 23/24 and never lit before the 24th unless we are speaking of shopping malls and the likes but that is our American influence I suppose. After WWII everything Germany was considered to be old fashioned and dated whereas everything American was supposed to be good, healthy and commercialising Christmas was one of these "achievements".

Posted by: Ivy on 18th Nov 2009 at 10:04PM

Christmas tree doesn't go up here til the Sunday before Xmas at the earliest, always a real one, and that's the only decorations we have, apart from string the cards up on ribbons across the chimney breast. I do get some seasonal flowers too, and make a wreath and table arrangement.

To be honest, I think if I was left to my own devices, we wouldn't have these either. The older I get, the less I like Christmas and all it has come to stand for.

Christmas begins on 25th December and runs for the 12 days after. I have never understood why people start celebrating it in November and early December.

Posted by: Zoe on 18th Nov 2009 at 10:19PM

I think the early celebrants are getting into the Advent spirit of things. Advent this year begins November 29th.

Posted by: Rob-bear on 19th Nov 2009 at 02:17AM

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