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As the desert sun sunk below the horizon the Lone Ranger and Tonto set up camp, had a simple meal of beans and jerky and settled down to sleep.
In the small hours Tonto awoke and roused the LR.
"Tell me, what do you see" he asked.

"Well Tonto my friend I see the beautiful night sky filled will stars. In astronomy terms it tells me that Aquarius is rising in Neptune and that is a good omen. In theological terms it tells me that God is indeed wonderful and we are but small dots in the universe, and in meteorlogical terms it tells me that with the clearness of the moon we are in for a fine day tomorrow. Tell me what does it tell you my friend?"

"Well you must be as thick as buffalo poo. It tells me some b****r has nicked the tent!"

Posted at 18th Nov 2009 - 10:51AM   Posted by Toady   Howler Comments: 1

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Whenever Robot Boy comes home to see us he can't wait for the dark so that, clouds willing, he can go out and see all the stars . . . one Xmas we bought him a card with two penguins lying on their backs looking up at the sky saying looking at the stars Eric what do you think it means . . . it means someone has nicked our igloo. . . similar joke to yours . . . spookily that year a friend of mine also sent me a similar card for Xmas . . . great minds Toady, great minds . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 18th Nov 2009 at 11:10AM

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