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Purplecoo Christmas Fayre

Hello to all you Crafters and Makers on Purplecoo . . . don't forget to add your wares to the Christmas Fayre Post in the Forum . . . so please wander over and put up your Christmas Specials and offers and keep it updated and current for Xmas . . .

And all you Christmas Shoppers (yes it's November we can say Christmas now) where better to do your online Christmas shopping than at your very own Purplecoo shop . . .

Posted at 11th Nov 2009 - 02:52PM   Posted by Westerwitch   Purplecoo Christmas Fayre Comments: 2

Blackbird's Avatar WW- You didn't tell us of the surprise waiting there! Terribly exciting news.

Posted by: Blackbird on 11th Nov 2009 at 04:34PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Embarassed I didn't want to boast and the Fayre is about all the people featured there - but yes very proud of my book . . . Embarassed

Posted by: Westerwitch on 11th Nov 2009 at 04:53PM

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