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Hello Owls.!

A day of writing letters and cards to friends, shopping for groceries, and sorting out all the laundry and finishing the ironing.

Popped into my local post office for some stamps and to post letters and see the shelves are stacked with Christmas Greeting Cards and Gifts, moi, I usually leave everything to the last minute.

Off to make a coffee, and take a tour, see you later.

If you can't sleep and there are others on line then have a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams.
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Posted at 11th Nov 2009 - 12:52AM   Posted by Camilla   I CAN'T SLEEP CHAT POST Comments: 16

Frances's Avatar So good to see you here, Camilla.

Hoping that you are feeling fine again. Judging by all you've done today, I think that your energy has returned.

I am so enjoying my time off, filling it to the brim with what I like to do. The Christmas cards are coming along, also some gifts. Earlier today, after thinking of some additional knit/crochet projects that could turn out to be Christmas presents, I have ordered yet more yarn. That is how it is with us crafting folks, we will never, never use up all our yarn!

This was a very grey day in the city. All the same, it was warmish, and I only needed one of my heavier sweaters for my afternoon walk.

I have found this year's Advent card. As usual, it was printed in Germany, and features a funny little vintage street scene, with lots of houses with windows bearing subtle little numbers, 1-24. The rest of the scene has village folks and animals going about their pre-Christmas routes. And... there is quite a bit of silvery glitter!

It's about time to start this year's crop of paperwhite bulbs. I am trying to hold off for another week, so that the blooming will hold off until almost Christmas.

Reading blogs tonight, I notice that the Verandah shop in Norwich is being featured in the "Emporium" section of the December issue of ... that magazine ... you know the one. The featured piece is a linoprint by the artist I mentioned to you before.

Enought typing for now! xo

Posted by: Frances on 11th Nov 2009 at 01:17AM

Camilla's Avatar Hello Frances,

Thank you kindly, have just been taking a tour.

Feeling fine today, and yes my energy has been restored thankgoodness.

Pleased to hear you are having fun days Frances and enjoying all the lovely craft projects you love doing, I adore craft, how is that gorgeous deep cranberry mohair coming along Frances?

The weather has been soo cold here Frances, log fire has been lit for days now.

That Advent Card you have sounds delightful, must buy mine this week.

Oh yes Frances, I love those paperwhite bulbs you have every year, so gentle and pretty.

The Verandah shop has not been trading long here in Norfolk, I think the propietor also has a shop in HOLT, Norfolk. Will seek out that magazine Frances, thank you.


Posted by: Camilla on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:07AM

Frances's Avatar Hello Puffin,

Great to have time to visit a bit longer than usual on the owl perch.

Yes, Camilla, it's grand to be able to work on lots of projects I enjoy. I am about to re-start a sock knitting project, that had fallen very, very dormant. Pipany has inspired me to take it up again.

Posted by: Frances on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:11AM

Camilla's Avatar Hello to you Puffin.!

Although we are in cyberland, we could be sitting together with our cups/mugs of brew and just enjoying each others company just as much as we do here.

My FIL always wore pure woolen socks, he was allergic to anything else, so my MIL was always knitting them. My mother was a great knitter, cannot understand why I have not her flair with those wools and needles.


Posted by: Camilla on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:17AM

Puffin's Avatar Ohhh,one of my favorite paintings you have posted Camilla.
Such a lovely lady.
Feel you are off to bed-- and missed Our Frances too.
Poor litle Pufin all alone on the perch-
Guess I will head for my nest with a visit first to the far west of'Wales.

I looked at Advent cards the other day,but so far none apealed to me.
C.H. and I did them last year--such a lovely custom.
I make 'Stolen ' every year.
My Grandmother made the most wonderful Irish fruit cake.
Took weeks in the making and full of the good stuff that warms your tummy.
Very rich and kept well-we took one to California,as we left in Jan.
I hope Rob-bear stops by and brings cream.
I spent a good two hours in a facinating new food store-
Ended up buying-Jasmine tea from China and Lotus Tea
from Vietnam plus some dryed fruit from th later to snack on.
Sweet dreams to all.

Posted by: Puffin on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:24AM

Puffin's Avatar Great you are back--Yes we three could be siting together sharing a cuppa tea.
I used to do a lot of fancy beading-free hand.
My 2nd cousin who lived outside of Toronto was a talented Knitter,I never cared for it.Seemed it went to slowly,but I like to crochet.
I should take it up again.You both are inspring me.

Posted by: Puffin on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:30AM

Camilla's Avatar I shall wind up Tiddles gently, give her half-half milk, the clock has been put outside for his dose of moonglow, all done.! Hope things are going a little better for you dear Bear and that you are getting plenty of rest.

The little owl is off to her bed, night night Frances, and to Puffin and to owls hopping on the perch later. Sweet Dreams, see you tomorrow.


Posted by: Camilla on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:31AM

Frances's Avatar Puffin, I am still here, trying to remember how to do the "flexible" cast on method shown in my Socks book. I get the idea of it, but have to then figure out how to translate it for my left-handedness.

Think that I have just about got it! Where is that Henry Higgins?

Your seasonal baking sounds wonderful. xo

Posted by: Frances on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:34AM

Blackbird's Avatar Hello to all of you owls. Yes, I can imagine us visiting together with our cups of tea and something sweet. And our needlework- your choice.

I've been doing a bit of reading the last couple of days. I've bothered my knee and am taking it easy. And The Girl Who Played With Fire just arrived from the library. Now, I'm wondering if I can pretend that I need more rest for my knee even when it's better so that I can finish the book.

Posted by: Blackbird on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:41AM

Frances's Avatar Good evening Blackbird.

I got halfway through that book before it was due back at the library. I was a good citizen and returned it, but put my name back on the reservation list. I have also got my name down for the third, and final, book of that trilogy.

What happened to you knee?


Posted by: Frances on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:43AM

Blackbird's Avatar I've just requested Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day from the library and I've found that there's a little wait. Hopefully not long.

It's very wet here but not so cold or windy. The leaves are still coming down and clogging the gutters. Good weather for tea and a book.

Enjoy your evening and sweet dreams tonight. I'm off to the couch.

Posted by: Blackbird on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:46AM

Frances's Avatar sorry, meant your knee!

Posted by: Frances on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:47AM

Blackbird's Avatar I think that the wait list for the book was over 650 and I've waited months. I'm halfway through now and it's moving right along. I should reserve the final one now too. So sad about the author.

I'm not sure what I did to my knee. I've never had problems before but nothing sudden happened recently. It just got more painful over a couple of days so I read up on treatment- bought an elastic bandage and have been ice-ing it several times during the day. And resting it. It's better today so I'll continue for a day or so. I've not been to the doctor- I imagine that they're busy with the flu. Best to stay away.

Posted by: Blackbird on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:51AM

Frances's Avatar Good thinking about not getting too close to the doctor's office right now, Blackbird. Hoping that your home doctoring will get your knee back to full strength.

I think that the other owls might have flown on off to the land of nod. Bit early for the Bear.

Wish I could stay a bit longer, but will say nite nite, and look forward to seeing you again here soon.


Posted by: Frances on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:58AM

Blackbird's Avatar Well Frances, I think I'm off for now. Keep working on your sock and I love the mohair that you were working on on your blog. But then, I love mohair. My mother has a lot of pretty sock yarn- maybe I'll take a peek at her stash.

Sweet dreams.

Posted by: Blackbird on 11th Nov 2009 at 02:59AM

Bear has just taken Sadie pup out for a late evening walk.

It's a crisp night here, but the moon is out.

Sorry I missed the rest of you. Have been busy with an ethics project related to pandemic possibility, and with doing some additional fixing in the back yard. Must say the ethics of the pandemic guidelines were not what they should be -- huge discrepancies between them and current ethical practice. SighExclamation

Time for bed. Cat and clock have been attended to over there; this is good. Now Sadie and I shall have a snooze.

Sleep well, good Owls!

Posted by: Rob-bear on 11th Nov 2009 at 04:40AM

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