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If you cannot sleep...

Hello to all you circling owls.

I know that Camilla was visiting her grandchildren today, and might be a bit late arriving this evening.

On the other hand ... or is it wing, I have had the luxury of a day off, and it has been sublimely beautiful weather. Only a sweater and a scarf round the neck and it was off for a walk in the Park. It seemed as though thousands of other folks of all sizes, shapes and ages had the same idea. I prefer to walk in Central Park when it is a bit more tranquil. All the same, I managed to find a way to blend my pace with folks on racing bikes, racing sneakers/trainers, and folks pedaling peda-cabs round the roadways. Such Traffic!

Leaves are turning, and the green lawns are filling up with masses of brown oak leaves, mixed with tiny yellow mimosa leaves, and some red maple leaves.

Also did some painting, reading, and needle crafting (got Christmas gifts to make.) And connected with some friends to try to plan some get togethers for the coming week.

I might not be able to stick around the perch tonight, but know that other owls will soon be landing.


Posted at 9th Nov 2009 - 01:53AM   Posted by Frances   If you cannot sleep... Comments: 3

Puffin's Avatar Thank you Frances for starting us off.
It is a bit lonely on the Owl's perch tonight.
Lovely warm sunny day here.
I spent the afternoon pulling up the spent Tomatoes plants-stakes and stacking cages.
While my other half repointed some of the bricks on our house.
He did a very good job for a newy--
We were able to sit out for while.
Expecting another rainy week,altho tomorrow looks clear too.
Well sweet dreams to all who fly in later.
Hope you enjoyed a great Sunday.
Frances you did some of my favorite things.

Posted by: Puffin on 9th Nov 2009 at 02:45AM

Blackbird's Avatar A very quiet night on the perch. I'm just checking in to say that all is well at our house. I think that I prefer the idea of Remembrance Sunday to our Veterans Day which is this Wednesday. Maybe it's because Sundays are quieter days, set aside from the busy week, that they seem more fitting. For many, our Veterans Day is more known for its sales than for remembering the sacrifices of our brave men and women. And their families.

With quiet thoughts of remembrance, I'll head off. Sweet dreams everyone.

Posted by: Blackbird on 9th Nov 2009 at 03:55AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Berlimey really quiet on the perch . . . thank you for putting up the post Frances.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 9th Nov 2009 at 10:42AM

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