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And a frosty night here in in Scotland.

Quiet here on the perch . . .

If you are up late, or early depending on where in the World you are - then have a natter here.


Posted at 8th Nov 2009 - 12:51AM   Posted by Westerwitch   Nite Owl Post Comments: 10

Westerwitch's Avatar I am off to bed see you all tomorrow xxx

Posted by: Westerwitch on 8th Nov 2009 at 12:52AM

Frances's Avatar WW, thank you for putting up the owl post tonight.

I bet that Camilla will be along very soon.

What a busy day at the shop, as I tried to tie up a few very loose ends before beginning my two weeks of vacation.

It is marvelous to contemplate the opportunity to fill each of the coming days just as I wish.

Hello Puffin, see you are headed to the perch.


Posted by: Frances on 8th Nov 2009 at 12:58AM

Camilla's Avatar Oh thank you soo much Westerwitch, so kind,

Bet Scotland looks wonderful in that misty frost.

Have a lovely Sunday Westerwitch.

Hello Frances, time for you to have a lovely two weeks rest now dear friend to enjoy as you so wish.

Hello Puffin.!


Uploaded Image

Posted by: Camilla on 8th Nov 2009 at 01:19AM

Camilla's Avatar You need flash to view this videoYou need flash to view this video

Posted by: Camilla on 8th Nov 2009 at 01:20AM

Camilla's Avatar Has anyone seen our dear Cait lately? do hope she is alright.

Just going to make one last cuppa before lamps out here, I am off to see my Daughter and my Son-In-Law and Grandchildren later this morning, I shall be taking with me yummy cakes for them.Smile


Posted by: Camilla on 8th Nov 2009 at 01:28AM

Puffin's Avatar Ohhh.there you are Camilla.
When I didn't see Frances either it gave me quite a turn.
Love the Secret Garden--music.
I have P.M'd you--
Have a wonderful visit with your loved ones.

Posted by: Puffin on 8th Nov 2009 at 01:45AM

Puffin's Avatar I am off for a cuppa Tea myself--have been visiting around the threads.
See you all soon.

Posted by: Puffin on 8th Nov 2009 at 01:46AM

Frances's Avatar Hello Camilla,

Please do make sure you get lots of rest before heading out later Sunday morning to see those folks. Bet those cakes will disappear quickly when you arrive.

Thanks for your kind wishes. I really am going to enjoy the time off.

I know that Cait wrote a great blog about recent heavy rains near her home.

That still life painting is wonderful to look at, the different planes make my eyes go back and forth.

Sweet dreams to you Camilla, and to Puffin, too.

I am going to log off. Still trying to find time to read the Saturday morning newspaper!


Posted by: Frances on 8th Nov 2009 at 01:47AM

Camilla's Avatar Hello Puffin, thank you for PM.

Thank you Frances, sleep well, just think...... no need to hit the alarm button tomorrow, what bliss for you. I am thinking, coffee and the NY Times in bed when you awake..!

I am way behind with blogs, thank you for letting me know about Cait, or poor Cait with all that rain near her cottage.

It is now 2am so I am off to bed, night night Owls, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow.

I have wound up Tiddles gently for our dear Bear while he is resting, have given her half-half of milk, and have put the clock outside for his dose of moonglow, all done.!

Sorry to have missed you Rob-bear.

nighty night.!


Posted by: Camilla on 8th Nov 2009 at 02:06AM

Puffin's Avatar Back again,
I thought I was still loged in ,but wasn't.
So sorry if I missed you Rob-bear.
Sweet dreams to all who come later to the perch.

Posted by: Puffin on 8th Nov 2009 at 02:49AM

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