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I spent a very cold and stressful couple of hours on Saturday night trying to keep a pregnant mare calm whilst our next door neighbours a few metres away sent rockets and fireworks in all directions.

deB indicated to them that it was causing a problem for the horse and received a rude text in reply followed by a further volley of even louder fireworks that lasted a long while.

I am just insensed by the whole thing at the moment. These are the same people that let their two large dogs run amuck through the countryside. I once asked the man of the household (politely) if he could keep his dogs under control....they'd tried to attack our chickens and ducks on two occassions. The reply I received was "welcome to the country".

Well....what can you say to that....such unbelievable arrogance? I have lived in the country all my life....and whilst I hate bad feeling between neighbours, and try to be diplomatic about things....I am still feeling furious at such inconsideration.

Sorry to blast off like this in the should be a place for positivity...but I just had to get it off my chest....would you be as mad as me if it were you...because I'm positively pyroclastic at the moment?Evil or Very Mad

Posted at 2nd Nov 2009 - 02:13PM   Posted by Salle de Bain   Livid... Comments: 13

Ivy's Avatar I had an encounter with a fairly thoughtless dog owner only yesterday... Blink

Hope the horse is okay and your nerves have calmed. It seems that selfishness is progressing all the time... " and after all it's just an animal"6&6%HXY!!!$/FDG evil:Evil or Very MadEvil or Very Mad

pyroclastic= is that a real word? love it whether it is or not.

Posted by: Ivy on 2nd Nov 2009 at 02:22PM

Welcome to the country? What sort of twattish remark is that! Countrymen KNOW to keep their dogs under control around livestock, as they would also know NOT to set fireworks off near livestock, especially horses.

It goes back to what I was saying on a different discussion about what ails society these days, and its all about the 'me, me, me' attitude that prevails and instant gratification, and no consideration or respect for others.

Hope the mare is OK - you must have been so worried xx

Posted by: Zoe on 2nd Nov 2009 at 02:22PM

Lily's Avatar Yes, I would be furious too. I did not realise that country life was synonymous with arrogance and total disregard for others! Very hard to appeal to someone's better side when they clearly don't have one.
Do hope the mare is OK.

Posted by: Lily on 2nd Nov 2009 at 02:25PM

its a real word Ivy, usually used to describe the mass of super heated debris and gases that flows down a mountainside after a volcanic eruption - a pyroclastic flow.

If Salle is pyroclastic, I would stand well back, it was a pyroclastic flow that extinguished Pompeii!


Posted by: Zoe on 2nd Nov 2009 at 02:28PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Think Zoe repeated what I was going to say first Blink . . . yes indeed 'welcome to the country' what a stupid thing to say . . . the idiot clearly hasn't a clue how to behave in the country side . . . so it is welcome to the country ruined by g*ts like me - guess he forgot to finish the sentence . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 2nd Nov 2009 at 02:34PM

Tattie Weasle's Avatar Salle this is horrid and NOT country by any stretch of th imagination. Hope your Horse is OK now.

Posted by: Tattie Weasle on 2nd Nov 2009 at 03:40PM

Preseli Mags's Avatar Luckily we have very thick-skinned ponies here, but recently a newcomer to this area had a huge fireworks display which caused a lot of problems (including a horse galloping in fright through a fence). She's one of the nicest people you could meet and just did not realise that you cannot do such things in the countryside.

What you're dealing with sounds awful. What an attitude! I hope your horse is okay now. They cannot let their dogs run amok or let off fireworks like this.

Do you have a local policeman or community support officer? S/he may not be able to do anything, but at least your report of their behaviour would be on record should anything else happen. Good luck with this.

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 2nd Nov 2009 at 03:50PM

Withy Brook's Avatar I would certainly have been pyroclastic if it had happened to me. Part of the rage is caused by the fact that you just cannot do anything with people like that. They will never take any notice.
How is the mare?

Posted by: Withy Brook on 2nd Nov 2009 at 04:02PM

Fennie's Avatar Do hope the mare is OK. Sometimes people just do not realise the harm they do.

Posted by: Fennie on 2nd Nov 2009 at 05:04PM

Tiggywinkle's Avatar You poor thing Salle. How awful. Love your choice of word - you'd never know you are an Archaeologist. Hope your lovely mare is O.K. I agree with Zoe. I am sick of bad manners, greed, selfishness, dishonesty, the Church, the Government and the Bankers here at the moment Am I having a rant? Here's an Irish joke I heard to cheer you up. America has George Bush, Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Stevie Wonder. Ireland has Brian Cowen, no Cash, no Hope and no F...... Wonder.

Posted by: Tiggywinkle on 2nd Nov 2009 at 06:32PM

Oh, Salle, so sorry to read this, it is so awful for you. Hope all is well now.

Posted by: Celtic Heart on 2nd Nov 2009 at 07:45PM

Frances's Avatar Salle, self-centered folks are trouble, whether in city or country. I also hope that your mare has now had a return to normal.

I just loved Tiggy's comment!

Also, thanks for giving me a new word. xo

Posted by: Frances on 2nd Nov 2009 at 11:46PM

Hmmmn, I wouldn't like to have a neighbour like that. In our area, dogs get shot if they come on property and annoy other creatures, or even if they don't but might. This makes everyone who has any common sense keep their dogs under control.

I know it's not the dogs fault, but still...

Posted by: Sueatkilmeedy on 3rd Nov 2009 at 10:28PM

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