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Windy, Wet and Wrecked Wisteria

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Bliddy weather ....

Have heard crashing trees all morning in the woods, will go out later to investigate.

But then I heard a crash much closer to home, and thought maybe we had lost a fence panel. Wish it was - instead it looks like I will lose my Wisteria.

Have to go and chop it down before it damages the render. Sad

Posted at 1st Nov 2009 - 12:09PM   Posted by Zoe   Windy, Wet and Wrecked Wisteria Comments: 10

Withy Brook's Avatar You should only lose the top part. A sorry sight though. Luckily Wisteria grows fast and responds to hard pruning. Does not make it any the less sad for you though.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 1st Nov 2009 at 12:31PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Oh dear!
Good luck with the repairs Zoe.
We're dripping like "Hades" in the studio and still waiting on the supplies for the new roof...sigh.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 1st Nov 2009 at 12:41PM

Fennie's Avatar Commiserations, Zoe. But as Withy says, it should grow again fast.

Posted by: Fennie on 1st Nov 2009 at 01:18PM

Camilla's Avatar Sorry to hear this Zoe, lots of heavy rain here at the moment and winds gushing at a very high speed. The wind can be so damaging, quite worying.

As Withy says, Wisteria does respond to hard pruning, my HL cut mine back a few years ago so drastically I thought I had lot it forever, it did come back though.

Love your windows, have a thing about pretty window designs.


Posted by: Camilla on 1st Nov 2009 at 01:21PM

Camilla's Avatar Sory Zoe, that should read...... lost it forever, not lot forever, promise I have not touched a drop.


Posted by: Camilla on 1st Nov 2009 at 01:22PM

Mountainear's Avatar Oh woe, wail, whimper etc.

I'll go along with it not suffering too much by being 'hard pruned' - it's just that you didn't choose to do it now.

We lost 2/3 of a young Victoria plum when the wind swept through branches heavy with plums. I know we should have thinned the fruit but that's a counsel of perfection.

Posted by: Mountainear on 1st Nov 2009 at 03:07PM

oh no, Zoe Sad

Posted by: Seashell Cosmos on 1st Nov 2009 at 06:37PM

Frances's Avatar jeepers, Zoe, it seems as if there was lots of rough weather across the pond last night, while we just had a light rain on Halloween.

Hoping that you can salvage most of that lovely wisteria. I so love that plant, with flowers, with leaves, and even with only its knarled winding stems and branches.


Posted by: Frances on 2nd Nov 2009 at 01:40AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Noooooo I do hope you will be able to save most of it.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 2nd Nov 2009 at 01:16PM

Sadly there wasn't much to be done about it, Lady Sylvia had to go too Sad

All that remains are 3, 6 foot high stems on the Wisteria, and a very sad looking climbing rose stem.

Will dig them up when the ground is a bit drier.

Posted by: Zoe on 2nd Nov 2009 at 01:30PM

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