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Harping on again.

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Hang on a minute! Wink

Hardly seems like any time since the last one but it's time for the Harp Village again. Muriel's sleeping in the back of the car ready for a busy weekend of plinking, plonking, plucking but hopefully not twanging.

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Late Lark

Bleary eyed Lark this morning. Late too. I expect you've had one of those nights when you go to bed tired hardly able to wait until your head touches the pillow to close your eyes and drift off to the land of nod. Too tired even to read a few pages of a book. And then you lie there and suddenly you aren't tired at all - or at least your brain isn't.

We'd been to a Music Festival concert last night and driven up from town in pouring rain. I'd parked outside the house. But the forecourt slopes and occasionally parked cars run away. I tried to remember: handbrake? Gear? Lump of brick behind the wheels? Of the latter I could not be certain. I got out of bed to check the car was there. It was. In my rush to get in out of the rain had I made all the checks? I was sure I had, and anyway if the car had been going to move it would have moved by now. I went back to bed. Then I tried sleep again. Without success.

Eventually I put on the light and read a bit. This didn't help one jot. After a half hour I got up again looked at the car again, put on my dressing gown, went downstairs, grabbed my clogs, went out into the rainy night and chocked the car's front wheels. Then back to bed. I still lay there looking at the ceiling, sleep leading me a mesmerising but unproductive dance through the land of semi-consciousness. Finally, I got up, put my dressing gown on again and went down to the kitchen cut a slice of bread, butter it and coat it with honey, which I ate greedily, and washed it down with a glass of milk from the fridge. Then back to bed to sit upright until I drifted off, which eventually I did, and didn't wake up until a quarter past eight! Very HappyVery Happy

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Lark Post

An even more murky morning than usual and not a bird in the sky (or the garden). Still very busy with the labels another 9,000 barcodes to print today and a concert in the Church tonight. Yesterday we sent out 10 boxes of DVDs and BluRay cases and single and double flaps to our one remaining export customer in the Seychelles - a long and tedious job. Despite our quitting in mid-November the business is booming just now and there's no time for anything else.

But I did watch the ever more gushing Joanna Lumley on the Silk Road passing through Georgia and Azerbaijan (if that is how you spell it). The latter has become a kind of European Dubai, all built on oil money: everything sparklingly new and sandwiched between Russia and Iran.
Amazing place! All I can say is that Marco Polo (who was the first to tread this trail) must have had good footwear. It is a long way.

Have a good day everyone. Very HappyVery Happy

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Blustery Lark

Morning Larks,

Hurricane Ali has arrived over 70 miles an hour what a very blustery day! Even so the air is warm with lots of sunshine and 23 degrees. Lots of Crows on the front lawn this morning I see .

Supermarket food shop being delivered this afternoon which saves me queuing at the shop I have done a large stock up this time. TV engineers rang me yesterday to say that they could not keep the appointment my HL has made with them and they said didn't know when they could fit him in, how one can run a business like that beats me but at least I can breathe a sigh of relief for another day.Very Happy our local chap Richard who fitted our ceiling lights gave me a number of a friend he knows who is an odd job man he said he may be able to help just got to give him a ring later.

I was thinking yesterday I could do with a break some sort of holiday one with peace and no stress, ah well don't think that is ever going to happen I shall soldier on!

Have a good day everyone, don't get blown away.

Very Happy

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Sunrise Post.

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Up before my clothes were on this morning and off to the Studio so HO could pick up his buddy and take him to an early morning Hospital appointment.
He's then supposed to be going to help a chap scatter ashes at Chanonry but that will be entirely dependant on how quickly today's storm blows in.
It was a lovely calm peachy morning when we left... not for long though.

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Happy Birthday Muddie

Dear Muddie,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Have a wonderful day celebrating with friends and family, hope you get to indulge with a lovely cake and lots of bubbly too.

Love and Best Wishes,
Camilla.xx Uploaded Image

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Lark Post

My turn for the Lark Post on this first proper autumnal morning, gusty winds and damp underfoot; rolling grey clouds and the first leaves blowing down from the trees. My flock of sparrows was out in force again. I call them my flock but of course they visit all the gardens feeding where they can but so many are they that they remind me of a cloud of flies on a piece of meat; though they are bigger obviously. Anyway they are eating me out of house and home.

Sorry I haven't been around much as I have been feeling a tad exhausted, the body and brain not quite so resilient as once was the case. I feel submerged by all the things I have to do and by the long term worries, yet as soon as I finish something I look for something else! Above all comes the worry of Brexit - what will happen to interest rates, to the business climate, to house prices? It is an insecure time because no-one knows what will happen.

On Sunday (the bad day) we went over to Dyffryn for the annual open day and Theo got to play on the grand piano in the morning room. I'll put a pic in the comments. He attracted a little audience who applauded. I felt so proud. Very HappyVery Happy

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Lark Post

Morning Larks.

Another beautiful day although not quite so much sunshine rather hazy tad like me at the momentVery Happy but there is a cool gentle breeze so the linen on the line should be dry in no time .

The 55inch new TV was delivered earlier this morning.... Let the battle commence!!Very Happy

Have a good day everyone .

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Magpie and Whippet

There's a lovely story and video on the BBC news website about a Magpie and a Whippet and a man and a woman who have an unusual relationship. The Magpie and Whippet (sounds like the name of a pub) seem to share the same food bowl and food and go for walks (and flights) together. Heartening story.

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Pizza and Poozies.

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A great night out last night in Cromarty with a Greekless pizza (a Greek pizza without the olives!) followed by the musical delights of The Poozies...

A taster video on their website...

...and I'm back next weekend for the harp village. Very Happy

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Sunday Lark

Morning Larks,

23 degrees here today sunny intervals with a keen cool breeze blowing.

Breakfast soon and then sort out more laundry and clean the downstairs windows, a walk to the beach later today.

Enjoy your day everyone.Very Happy

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Did you ever . . .

The one and only Elvis made a record called 'GI Blues.' Most of you are far too young to remember it. But there's a line 'Did you ever get one of those days boys, did you ever get one of them days, when nothing goes right from morning to night, did you ever get one of them days?'

Well today was just such a day. I slept appallingly, each time I dropped off I would be awake again in five minutes. To say I felt lousy is an understatement. And then I had invited Suzanne and Jacques over for an early evening aperitif but all the friends I had asked couldn't come, admittedly I had given them almost no notice. What was I going to do? Then J said she didn't feel up to a party. So I cancelled, relief, but then one of the guests - my French teacher whom I had invited late, said 'yes.' This was the pattern of the day. Then into Dyffryn Gardens for their open day to meet YD and family but we (and they) were held up in an horrendous traffic jam caused by laying a new gas main though the Vale. This meant we would miss the 5 o'clock concert in which one of our friends was performing. And then coming home along the lanes we had to drive through a slurry overflow and got slurry all over the car. And so it has continued. J, still under the weather asked me to cook supper. I have probably poisoned us all, even if it was only cheese on toast. I have had a couple of glasses of wine and shall leave the day until tomorrow and hope for the best and a good night's sleep. Evil or Very MadEvil or Very Mad

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Lark Post

Morning Larks,

Beautiful morning lots of lovely sunshine although a slight Autumn chill in the air. I read that we are to have good weather well into November we definitely have had a good year with the weather apart from our very cold winter.

No plans for the day so just a chilled out day here apart from walks over the dunes again later with Patchcockle.

Few wasps about in the garden earlier and some bee's still getting the nectre from the Hollyhock flowers.

Have a good weekend everyone.
Very Happy

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I Can't Sleep Chat Post

Hello Owls and Larks,

A really beautiful day today with warm sunshine and just a gentle breeze, managed to mow the front lawns and laundry sorted. Washer/dryer was not working recently but tried it again today and all seems fine again, all very odd.

Leaving here at 9.15am tomorrow morning and driving over to Great Yarmouth journey should take just under an hour. X-Ray to be done at the hospital so fingers crossed!

Slept very well last night which is a first for me just hope the same tonight. It was very chilly late last night and switched the heating on for the first time this year.

Have an annoying solitary fly flying about here at the moment been here for days just wish it would buzz off somewhere else.

Just having a cup of tea before lamps out soon, if you can't sleep and there are others on line then have a natter here.

Night Night. & Sweet Dreams
CamillaxVery Happy

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An "Interesting" night out.

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At a talk with HO, more in the private forum...

link to story

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Shredding (resumed)

Eventually I found it, the shredding place in Merthyr or rather Pentrebach. The SatNav, foxed by new roads and roundabouts, gave up in a sulk having taking me a long way north of where I needed to be. I stopped at a builders' merchants. They directed me and I found the industrial estate but then, round it and round it I went, like a maze: a signboard that made no mention of my destination - or even the right set of units. At last someone said 'have you tried up there beside the railway?' Even then I saw the place in a street beyond the street I was in. But eventually, when I was about to give up, I found it and all was well. The paper shredded. They even gave me a certificate.

Once Merthyr was the third largest town in Britain after London and Glasgow. It was the first steel making town: iron ore and coal bursting out of the ground and on tap. It declined to almost nothing in the seventies but is now picking itself up again, fuelled by public money. It is quite high up in the hills and so autumn comes early but the trees and deciduous forests are very pretty and the sun was shining.

It's a photoshoot this morning in Old Hall Gardens. We shall be handing out our new history and ecology leaflets and the photos will go to the kind people who have paid for them. Then it's back to a 70th birthday party at our neighbours which will last all day.

Last evening I was briefly with some Bulgarian musicians whose concert I had missed for a meeting of the Vale of Glamorgan for Europe Group to which the Bulgarians were going to have come too except that they had given too many encores and were out of time. But they seemed not in the least fazed by their efforts. Bright eyed and bush tailed. Once I had that energy too and I do miss it now. But having given up coffee again I am starting to feel better. Very HappyVery Happy

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Guess what?

I am going to be a great great aunt!

I was an aunt at aged two and a half, a great aunt at twenty-seven and now at aged sixty one I will be a great great aunt in a few months as my eldest great niece is expecting.

My sister will be a great grand-mother - goodness!Laughing

And today Bill's uncle is 105!

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Lark Post

Off to the shredders shortly with 10 boxes of redundant paper from 16 years of business. All to be shredded by the kind folk at Elite Paper Solutions in Merthyr Tydfil. Will need the SatNav to find it, I think.

Dismal sort of day here but dry. Very HappyVery Happy

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Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary FN

Dear FN, and Charlie,

Wishing you both a very Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Have a lovely day celebrating, lots of yummy food not forgetting the bottles of bubbly.


Love and Best Wishes,
Camilla.xxUploaded Image

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Literary Lark

A grey and gusty morning here, spitting with damp rain and the weather in full autumnal mode. Soon the leaves will start to brown and fall, indeed those on the occasional horse chestnuts around here already have. It is time to pick my apples before they rot; I doubt they will grow bigger but may need a little more time to become soft.

A wood pigeon, a little thin and with a foxy face like an craggy schoolmaster, was on the bird table this morning, barking at the sparrows who were trying to muscle in on his breakfast. They are a flock of forty of fifty now the sparrows, the fruits of this summer's nesting. Teenage birds that howl around in a gang of fluttery wings, squabbling with each other, but generally having fun. Some seem very small but are among the most feisty. Yet I fear many will fall by the wayside during the winter.

Two pieces of literary fortune yesterday. First I heard that the National Trust want to take my book on Tinkinswood and sell it in their local shop which is only a couple of hundred yards from the Tinkinswood cairn itself. That is most excellent news and perhaps at last there will be some appreciation of what the Neolithic builders achieved.

And then an email from Alexandra who was one of my hosts in Lorient and who works as a translator to say that she had read my 'Russian Chocolate Maker's Lover' novel and wanted to translate it into French! She even sent me the first chapter to show her work. All I can say is that it reads much better in French than in English, though it is still too sentimental. But of course she can go ahead. You never know, next time you are looking for something to read on the platforms of the 'Gare du Nord' you may come across 'L'Amante du Chocolatier Russe.' Or what I would really like for it to become - a film. It would make a good film, though I say it myself.

And on the strength of that I sat down and wrote Muddie's homework which has come in as 600 rather than 500 words. Oh dear! It is only a skeleton as it is. Very HappyVery Happy

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New Homework is up

Hello everyone,
I have just posted a new Homework in Forums.

You have 2 weeks to complete your task.
Hope you enjoy it.
Very Happy

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Morning All

Morning All,

Do hope you all had a good weekend.

19 degrees here today light cloud and gentle breeze, think the sun may be popping it's head out later. Linen just hung on the line, breakfast later.

Have a good day everyone.Very Happy

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Homework Marked.

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Lach Post

Gosh time is racing by so fast at the moment. The 9th of September - almost a third of the month gone before it has properly started. And the Victoria Plum season is finished as we learnt on a wild goose chase yesterday as J wanted to make Doverhouse Chutney.

I suggested we used greengages of which we have large amounts, though they are only fit for cooking, but she said the taste wouldn't be the same. I have never been a great Chutney eater but son in law likes MIL's Doverhouse. In fact I was clearly never a Tudor, for I find it hard to abide sweet and savoury things in the same dish and fruit and meat together is a particular abomination. Though I make an exception for IKEA meatballs which I try not to eat at all because they are full of piggies, but sometimes there seems little else on the menu when we go to their store. There they give you a spoonful of 'jam' with the meatballs, no doubt made from a variety of berry that grows only in Sweden. It is red and anyway not too sweet - a kind of cranberry - to remind you of endless lakes and larch forests - the sort of pitiless terrain that makes instantly understandable the Vikings' desire to colonise these islands and leave their cold foggy wilderness behind with its high priced alcohol, which was probably high even in Viking days. Makes you think why the early Christian monks didn't go north where they would not have been bothered, even by Vikings. Lindisfarne swopped fot Gottenburg or Ă…land.

Last night of the Proms yesterday and this morning Yo Yo Ma playing Bach on the Andrew Marr show. Wider still and wider - or not as the case may be. We shall be in for an interesting autumn politically. But Bach resolves all problems.

Take care all and have a good day. Let me leave you with a question: what do baby dolphins play with in the bath? Models of happy smiling photographers perhaps. Very HappyVery Happy

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New Arrivals

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We've got a new wee tooty!
Kesslet (our local girl) gave birth to a baby earlier this week that makes 9 new babies in the inner Firth now. All fingers and toes crossed now to hope this one makes it to it's first birthday.

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