Cowart's Common Room

Well they came, eventually. 'What time will you be here?' 'Between 8 and 9' And what time did they arrive? 1245. We are talking about the window fitters - but these ones at least appeared pleasant and to know what they were about. So I didn't mind helping by standing on the ladder and fetching and carrying a bit. Anyway it all passed off well enough and I am rid of my foggy windows at a cost of £900 or thereabouts. But so much 'stuff' to shift to let them get to the windows.
Tedious in the extreme emptying the office cabinets. What a lot of things we keep and for what reason?

Anyway the day was a beautiful one though cold and a trifle damp, but blue skies and plenty of light. Hallelujah! And the twilight lengthening. I must go and fetch the car: relegated to the roadside to leave the driveway free for the window folk.

To cheer me up (and you perhaps) here is a picture of Avignon and specifically the bridge which collapsed as a result of so many people dancing on it.

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Sleety Post

Afternoon All,

just posted an update of Patch on the forums he is alright now back home bless him.

Sooo many lorrys on the road this morning goodness me.Very Happy

Sleety snow here but mildly so, and very cold, well not enough to build a snowman anyway.Very Happy

Off to make lunch, then a short walk later with Patch won't overdo it with his walk today.

Weather permitting I am off to have a pamper tomorrow in Holt. lets hope that woman that sat in the chair next to me last time is not there this time either.
Very Happy

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Manchester by the Sea

Has anyone watched this Oscar winning film? It was on TV recently and I began to watch it on cast-up last evening. Began, but certainly not finished, for I found it an ugly, depressing and nihilistic film that painted a vivid picture of the strange race of folk that make up a large part of America these days. Maybe later in the film there was some great emotional redemption and everyone began to 'feel good' or maybe it just continued as it began, edgy and ugly with enough swearing to fill an Olympic sized pool. But maybe this is just me objecting and others may have got more from the film, but if this stuff wins Oscars, heaven help us. Bring back Casablanca!

What was certainly true, however, was that there was some very fine acting in it but that was wasted entirely by the story and didn't make the film watchable. So I turned it off.ArrowArrow

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Afternoon Post

Afternoon All,

Was very cold in the night, so tossy turny, today we have bright sunshine but bitterly cold.

Saw the doc yesterday told him about panics BP and pulse fine, gave me a google read out on Abdominal Breathing Exercise to try out. Will book in for Full Health Check in Feb nurse is on hols in Oz land at the moment.Very Happy

Our immediate neighbours moved yesterday to Yorkshire very quiet here today, no neighbours the other side too as he rents it and only there 2 days a week.

Pop back later this evening, just getting lunch then another walk with Patch over the dunes later.

Enjoy the rest of the afternoon.Very Happy

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For Faith!

You gotta get a pair of these Faith.LaughingLaughingLaughing

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Hubble Bubble

Uploaded Image

Winter must be here, HO got out the electric cauldron at the weekend. Laughing
enough soup for the week and a tour de force of a chicken and mushroom casserole made with a whole bottle of white wine instead of stock.Blink
Berluddy delicious it was too.

p.s I know it should really be "double double" but it doesn't sound right as a title.

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Peaceful lark

After 2 days of North-Westerlies that were trying to blow us over, today was almost calm with a lovely sun. Makes you feel so much better and cheery.

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Uploaded Image

Noticed this morning while feeding the birds: one solitary nasturium flower, scarlet rather than traditional vermillion, and well formed, though small. Quite amazing after the frosts and so, and in mid-January.

And this is after my hacking back the nasturtiums which this year went wild pretending to be Virginia Creepers and creeping up and under and over and round everything else in the garden. While I was doing this I found an undried seed pod in my gardening coat pocket and a few weeks later I felt this thing in my pocket and thinking it must be (for some reason) a pistacho nut started to eat it absentmindedly. I thought it tasted funny for a pistacho as it was peppery and bright, not unpleasant though. But afterwards I was cross with myself as I haven't collected any nasturtium seeds this year.

But it is a sad day for out on the kerb is our little Christmas tree and a bag of trimmings. It is still looking healthy - not dead or dried, still has all its needles, still looks as though it wants me to plant it again despite there being nowhere for it and it not having any roots. But it does look forlorn. SadSad

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Windy Lark

Morning Larks,

Hope you are enjoying the weekend, gusty winds here today with dark clouds and 10 degrees.

Could not connect to my laptop yesterday as it kept saying I need to change my log in password, no idea why I was quite happy with the one I had. So in the end I changed my password and still could no get in and then bingo after 4 hours I was in, technology.!

Watched The Darkest Hour on TV last night HL has subscribed to Now films, what a fine film it was too no wonder Gary Oldfield received an Oscar brilliant acting and portrayal of Churchill I thought. I recognised the actress playing the part as his secretary as the actress who played Rose in Downton Abbey.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Very Happy

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Clearing clutter & Fennie's book

Today I feel pleased with myself because I have taken down all the books on the 18 shelves in the sitting room and cleaned the shelves and dusted the books. A while back I asked hubby to clear up the 50 odd books next to his side of the bed. His method of doing this was to dump them haphazard on the sitting room shelves, blocking off the view of other books. At the time I bit my lip (aren't I good?). Today I sorted out the shelves, and managed to dispose of 81 books (mostly mine, though a few his that I don't think he will miss).

Hubby doesnt seem to think that ANY books EVER should be passed on. However, we live in a small cottage not a mansion with a library. I see no reason to keep Asian Cookery when we never cook Asian food and I can't imagine where the book came from. I also stacked up for the jumble sale such treasures as Women's Health and The Reverse Dictionary - I don't suppose I have opened either for 15 years! So much of that sort of info can be found on the internet anyway.

As I put a cookery book I first got in 1976 on the to go pile I looked regretfully at the pretty pictures of some of the desserts - one, Peach Conde, in particular. It looks delicious..... but if I have not found the time to make it in 43 years then I am unlikely to now.

I wondered if you have read your book on tidying Fennie, and if it has helped? I am now writing a list of all glory holes and drawers and intend to get round to them all - unless my clearing up spirit fails me.Laughing

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Call Security!

Uploaded Image

We were in our local well known computer/electrical shop on the way home last night to spend a gift voucher we got for Christmas. HO chose a nice new whizzy mixer combo thing for the kitchen and we went to pay for it.
At the counter the girl put it through the till and waved the wand all round the box...
"I'll just make sure the tag doesn't set off the alarm." says she
"Ha ha , yes we don't want to be rugby tackled on our way out" jokes HO
"Ha ha, don't worry" she said leaning closer over the counter...

"you'd be lucky to get a quick jog!" Laughing

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FN, did you get your harp from the maker in Balachulish?

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Lark Post

Every so often I get an urge to have a dog again and if I could have any dog at all it would be an English setter I think. They are lovely sagacious creatures all fluffy and with sad faces that appear to be carrying the woes and worries of the world but which become transformed instantly into broad smiles whenever they see their owners approaching with a biscuit. Very HappyVery HappyUploaded Image

There's a lady that lives not far away who has two. I used to see her regularly but she has disappeared. I haven't seen her for months. Or the dogs for that matter. Gone, disappeared.

Watched Hugh's fat fight last evening and the accent now will have to be on portion control. Too often I 'finish up' leftovers to prevent them 'going to waste.' Far better if I committed half to the waste bucket and just ate half. Better still I suppose to keep chickens or ducks. Mind you we were debating last evening what being a vegetarian meant. Are you allowed to eat fish? wear leather? eat eggs? drink milk? Some people won't eat cheese that uses rennet which comes from a sheep's? stomach. But if you are using milk and wearing leather shoes why bother were the rennet comes from? Or the butter. And what is a flexitarian? Perhaps I'll stick to porridge eaten out of a teacup, but even that needs milk to make it worth while.

Meanwhile I read that for £100 you can buy an Air Fryer that makes chips without oil (or with very little) and wonderful chips they are too, according to the reviewer. Definitely a gadget to watch. Very Happy

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Old Clothes and Porage

Uploaded Image the saying goes - Back to old clothes and porage - although we actually had hot Dorset cereal this morning instead.
Spent most of the last fortnight feet up, watching films and eating chocolate, Mum came for Christmas dinner, we went to HO's Brother last weekend and two Orca came to visit us on Monday!
Will finally catch up with what everyone has been up to.Very Happy

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New homework

H everyone, new homework is up

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Afternoon Post

Afternoon All,

Gosh it's cold, the very blustery wind continues and a few moments ago it began with sleet coming down on way back from dunes. It's at times like this I miss my roaring open log wood burner. Central Heating is set for a couple of hours early morning, and then for three hours early evening, can switch on the mock electric wood burner with cosy flames but it eats money... hey ho.Very Happy

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone.Very Happy

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Homework Results

Results are up.

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Lark Post

Morning Larks,

Much milder weather today here a few tiny rain showers earlier and the breeze is quite keen, the sun has just popped his head through the clouds.

Apologies not been around much lately, just trying to get back into gear after a busy festive period and of course the sad news of a member of our family has hit us hard.

Now for the Chickens... there is a little lane on opposite side of the road where Patch and I cut through to go another way on our walk to the dunes. A lovely man John who lives in a cottage down there and if you peep through his side gate of the rear garden you can see his chickens, John tells me they lay lovely eggs for breakfast. Anyway I had not noticed before but at the back of his garden there is a wooden hut and above it the words... Chicken Palace, the chicken's little home.
Very Happy

Hope everyone is well, have a good day.Very HappyUploaded Image

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I will try to judge the homework tomorrow so if there is a budding Dickens out there, you haven’t got long!

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Back again

Hi everyone,
Thought you all were moving to a new place ?
ishing everyone a great New Year.

Slipped and fell hurting my lower side put off going to
Dr.s for testing very painful to walk.
My Pups Foxy and Bunny are fine.
Adding to it all Fridge quit just before Thankksgiving and
lost everything.Fridge was only two months old as my
20 year old one had died.
So fighting the fixer upper,as many visits to fix this one
must be done.
Thank goodness have a loner that I love,but won,,t trade.
See there is a day time Owl now.
Welcome any suggestions per ffridge.
Great talking to you all.Former Night Owl.

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Theatre Woes

Uploaded Image

Help. My Twelfth Night show is tomorrow. It was all programmed and cast and now two of my best actors (man and wife) have pulled out as they have gone down with flu. This is the sort of thing that makes you want to pull our hair out. You build a show around actors - what will suit them - a bit as though you have a wardrobe of clothes and you then pick people to fit. If you don;'t have the right people then the clothes just become ill fitting and sad. Do I try to recast or do I remove the pieces and try to find others? Of course you just have to keep calm and carry on. But think of me tomorrow.

Meanwhile have a good weekend. SadSad

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To the Mighty Reds

Himself, being a lifelong supporter of his football team (Season ticket holder until 10 years ago when the matches were scheduled for the TV rather than the supporters ie football match Saturday afternoon good, football match Tuesday night bad)

Over the past few years he has gone once or twice a year with his friend, but it has always been 'Well you win some and you lose some'

Today I waved him off, and went off to a bit more work. About 4:58 I thought I would check on the score. Goodness me they were winning 4:0.

I was ready for the cry of 4:0 To The Mighty Reds, 4:0 To The Mighty Reds.

As I opened the front door the cry was very different. Last minute goal apparently. '5:0 To The Mighty Reds' rang out round the village.

It's only Middlesbrough FC for goodness sake!

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Evening All

Evening All,

Apologies not been around much lately, stress is the culprit and woke yesterday with a bruised feeling in left part of chest, much better today though so thought I would cancel docs appointment.

Patchcockle is back home with us again since Wednesday afternoon he boarded with Elaine who lives near us when my son and his family came for the new year. Little girls are scared of dogs. Mind you my terrier is a tad over the top with excess energy anyway.

Let us hope the New Year will be a kind healthy happy one.!Very Happy

Love CamillaxxLinked Image

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A Painful Coincidence

This morning I saw a client who was obviously in pain and much discomfort. He explained that he had diverticulitis, which had started last Friday.

After the appointment I looked it up. No wonder he was in pain.

Later in the afternoon another client rang to apologise for the lateness of her tax return information. She said she hasn't been well, I thought 'bet you haven't had diverticulitis'. 'I have diverticulitis' she said.

Not wanting to play down their illness, but I was amazed that I had only vaguely heard the term before, but never known anyone who suffered from it, then two people in one day.

What are the chances of that?

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Start of the New Year

2019 started in a fairly noisy manner. At 3.30 pm there was an eruption into the house as two little ones who made straight for the place where there is a stache of children’s toys. And the next minute a dog on wheels arrived accompanied by some other remembered treasure. What was so lovely about it was the fact that it was the first time they have arrived without a degree of shyness.
P, the elder child, aged 4 3/4, has started big school, loves it and my word what a difference it has made to her.
B is just 3 and is a lovely smiley person who talks to herself all the time as she happily plays. P, on the other hand, talks incessantly but it is to you, so despite the fact that I can understand little due to the pitch and speed, you have to try to follow! Her vocabulary is extraordinary.
They are off to see Mummy’s Mum shortly so we will have peace for a few hours!
I think we might survive till Saturday morning - just!

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