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Early Lark

Morning Larks,

Bitterly cold this morning and a sharp hoar frost about, just having a cuppa and then going to meet my daughter and her woofers around 9.30am for a walk over the dunes with my Patch.

I see persistent snow is forecast here in East Anglia from Monday afternoon and well into Tuesday morning. I shall get to make that snowman or even snowwoman.Very Happy

Love the picture I have posted for you today, Badgers, Owls, Rabbits they are all God's creatures and are beautiful.

Have a good day everyone, Happy Friday.!
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(Deaf) Owl (as a) Post

If there has been one good thing to come out of my bout of flu it has been that business has been slack. Now I seem to be feeling better and the orders are picking up again; 20,000 labels to be printed by the end of the month for a firm in Hartlepool, where once I went to a wedding. The bride was a nurse and she had been pregnant for about nine months before she realised that she didn't just have a stomach ache. She couldn't believe it when the doctor told her, apparently. But she did the proper thing, married her boyfriend (in Hartlepool) and in due course the sprogg arrived. I thought Hartlepool a lovely little town full of friendly people as many towns seem to be along that north-east coast.

In the intervals of not working I have been reading books found on the bookshelf: some Simenon short stories, some Agatha Christie ditto (as incomprehensible to a simple soul like me as each other) and now I have just found Le Carré's 'A Legacy of Spies' with a Half Price sticker on it. No idea where it came from but clearly not previously opened. I suspect that it will not 'hook' me and that I would to better to look out and re-read one of the earlier novels: Tinker Tailor, perhaps or 'The Spy who came in from the Cold.' Anyone read 'A Legacy of Spies?' It's a pity that I can't read and do the printing at the same time. I used to listen to the radio but the reception seems to get worse and worse and what sound is received over the airwaves is lost by my increasingly incompetent ears. Bah Humbug.

Anyway thanks to Camilla for posting and have a good evening. Very HappyVery Happy

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Chilly Lark

Morning Larks,

Brgh it's a tad chilly this morning, gorgeous bright sunshine though but very frosty earlier. Hear we are to have snow maybe next week here in the East that's if it does not reach France first.Very Happy

Just realised it would be my mother's birthday today, still think of her and how beautiful she was and taken from us too early.

Any idea when it is the best time to plant lavender bushes? fancy some in pots along the front of the cottage.

Have a good day everyone.Very Happy

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KKC - charades - you got it

Vintage kids tv - have a look!!!

I used to love it!

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Lark Post

Morning Larks,

Just returned from our long walk over the dunes, the air is so still this morning, hardly a soul about and no breeze and very mild. Patch decided he would run off again in the opposite direction again, mind of his own the little tinker.Very Happy

Have a good day everyone, just off to make some breakfast and a pot of tea.

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Happy 32nd Wedding Anniversary Muddie

Dear Muddie,

Wishing you and your husband a very Happy 32nd Wedding Anniversary.

Have a wonderful day celebrating with all your friends and family, a fabulous cake I hope too and lots of bubbly.


Love and Best Wishes,
Camilla.xxUploaded Image

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Love Your Pet

Happy National Love Your Pet DayVery Happy

Unable to get onto Coo earlier in the day, back now.

Yep, it's love your pet day even if my Patch comes back from rolling in mud and wet sand, rain and smelling of yuk I still love him, bless his little cottons.Very HappyUploaded Image

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Crisp packet.

Uploaded Image

Had a lovely stroll round the boating pond in one of our local parks yesterday, borrowed HO's camera to check if the crisp packet stuck in the branches of a tree across the pond was actually a crisp packet... turns out it wasn't. Very Happy

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Sunny Lark

Blue skies this morning and the early morning sun reflects off the south facing stub wall of the house and in through the window so I am sitting in indirect sunlight which is always a pleasure. A few quiet minutes at my desk before taking a hot shower and, today, washing my hair. Later in the day it will move round and then it shines low and full force and I have to draw the curtain as it is in my eyes, my desk being just under the window.

Little to report from yesterday. Am still up and down from the flu. The symptoms have gone but my little store of energy is meagre at best and I seem to spend long hours lying on the bed or in a chair. Nevertheless on balance I am getting better. Hope everyone else is managing to avoid the flu of which there is a lot here. Luckily we haven't much work on.

Still we are over the worst of winter and I saw yesterday that several geraniums left outside have survived, albeit in a tatty and unhappy condition. Maybe they will survive to flower in May. The days are getting longer; le douceur du printemps. Very HappyVery Happy
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I found my way back home

Hello Coo'ers, I have found my way back home to the common room, after a long absence [no, it wasn't measles, nor did I trip over my hockey stick when I was drinking vitamin C-merlot].
Up to now, getting a strong signal, well let's face it, getting a signal at all has been problematical and maths and I are matical...dramatical!Shocked so, with the acquisition of a new mobile modem, better areas in the house to sit in for better reception, I am back. Maybe I will be mitchin' the odd time, but after ten years here, I probably have learned a trick or two.

I am off to blog now...lets see can I remember relevant passwords. It took me ten mins to find the password for the gate to get back in here.

IE xx

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Lark Post

Morning Larks,

A very wet morning here with heavy rain.

A rather 'tossy turny' night, bad cramp in toes, then I had an odd dream that I was at the Bafta Awards last night sitting next to no other then the Dutchess of Cambridge and she remarked... 'I would love to know where you bought your fab dress from'.Very Happy

Just before going to bed, I accidentally broke a wine glass that my HL had left on the coffee table half full with red wine... I wish he would clear away his glasses before he tootles off to bed. Anyway, red wine spilt all over new cherished rug, moi frantically rubbing and rinsing with cold water to remove stain.

It's official, talking to plants helps our anxiety, Prince Charles, Judi Dench, and even the Green fingered man Alan Titchmarsh does it. The RHS confess that talking to Tomato plants have helped encourage their growth, what are you waiting for.!

Quote: When you do things that make you happy, then you are in the indicated place that brings the best in you.'

Have a good Monday everyone.

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Owl On Wet Street With Trilby

Uploaded Image

Here is one for Camilla and anyone else who is a lover of those black and white movies from the time we were small children. This is Alida Valli - Baroness Alida Valli - no less, once spoken of as the new Garbo and indeed she has or had (she died in 2006) Garbo like qualities.

She is the female star (but sadly given hardly any billing for some reason) in Carol Reed's 'The Third Man' that spy thriller classic from 1949 set in Vienna in the aftermath of WWII. The film won an Oscar for its photography and in it you will find all the images you associate with spy movies - the Trilby, the cigarette in the night, the heavy shadows, the rain-soaked cobbles. But never does it descend to self-parody and the performances, including that of Alida, are faultless.

She was Italian, though doesn't look it and in the film speaks mainly German.

The film was on yesterday afternoon on BBC2, I think. Very suitable entertainment for me in my enfeebled state.

Worth catching on catch-up if it is available (films aren't always)
Anyway have a good evening and try not to get shot. Very Happy

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Homework has been marked

Hello everyone, I have marked the homework, thank you all for taking part.
Go to forums to see who has received stars.
Very Happy

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Sunday Lark

Morning Larks,

Bright sunny chilly morning here after the fog lifted earlier. Anyone heard the Earthquake yesterday? I had no idea it was that at the time but my ipad crashed when I was using it, the lights went off in the cottage upstairs, and there was loud bang outside too. I thought it was next door neighbour putting his empty recycling and bottles into his bin too but no. It was 4.4 on the Richter scale. First Earthquake since ten years ago in the UK.

Have a good Sunday everyone.
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DOVE BITE - new love & new babies

Sorrel and Serafina hatched their new babies today. I was expecting hatching day to be tomorrow, so it was a nice surprise to find these rather grubby egg shells neatly placed outside the nestbox door! Congratulations to them! I haven't seen the new babies of course yet. Their 'old' babies, Happy and Merry, are now nine weeks and two days old - and Merry, who I always think of the younger of the two and female, didn't come back to the aviary tonight for the first time ever so I was a bit sad about that and hope she is ok.

April, not a year old til the last day of April, has never left the aviary but come home every night and has now found himself a little wife, and she has been living with him in the aviary for the past week or so, staying at night. I caught her early on and ringed her so I would easily recognise her. The nest box on the second shelf that I had arranged for Pan and that he approved in my previous Dove Bite has now been taken over by April and May - cheeky things! So he has beaten his father in the love stakes and taken over his nestbox - though no sign of nest building yet. I really don't know where I am going to put a nestbox for Pan now..... there is no room, unless he fights Sorrel for the use of one of the three empty ones on what Sorrel considers to be his shelf!

April is the one with the two green rings, and I ringed May with an orange ring.

Eileen, the one with the bad eye, was seen today after a two day absence. Her eye is really bad again and I attempted but failed to catch her. Rumplestiltskin, that magnificent white pigeon with brown wings, has not been seen again which is such a shame but I hopel he got back home safely.

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Evening Owl

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Another lark

Good morning all! Thought I had better start the day. I hope that our usual larks are OK. Fennie, I hope the bug has not come back, as I know it is apt to do. Camilla, I am sure you will be here soon.
You southerners are likely to get warmer weather than us, though today should be better. Enjoy your walk on the doors, Camilla.

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Weekend Lark

Morning Larks,

A beautiful bright sunny morning here and 9 degrees with some breeze, the birds are singing so they are happy and no doubt getting ready for their nesting periods soon.Very Happy

Have a good weekend everyone.Very HappyUploaded Image

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Pancake Lark

Uploaded Image

The children came over yesterday with London Granny for supper and pancakes and for some reason, too, they bought a large box of organic vegetables so now we have a vegetable rack full of outsize courgettes and enormous carrots. They also bought a ready made pancake mixture clearly prepared for the American market but with instructions on the back in Polish. It went under the brand name of 'Mcennedy' and had stars and strips all over. It may well have come from North London.

If you can imagine a large plastic bottle about the size of a bleach container half full of powder (egg, flour, additives) to which you then add 400mls of milk to make your batter, then you have it and though the pancakes looked OK, they tasted anything but homemade and in fact tasted just what they taste like on the other side of the Atlantic - a sort of stodgy, pudding like taste only palatable if smothered in maple syrup. I offered several times (pleaded would be more accurate) to let me make up a pancake batter and make proper pancakes (at which I used to be expert!) but to no avail. Ah well! And didn't the paper this morning say that ultra processed food give us cancer?

The real sadness though came as again I realised that the children have not the slightest interest in books. I tried to read Beanie (who is five now) the Tale of Jeremy Fisher - but she could not relate to the business of sitting down and listening and seeing the pictures on the page. Instead they wanted to watch Minecraft videos on YouTube, from which they will learn nothing whereas Jeremy Fisher will teach them about ponds and trout and sticklebacks and newts and all sorts.

Anyway enough moaning. Have a good day. I am almost well again. Very HappyVery Happy

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Pic of the day

Uploaded Image

Had dinner at our local Hotel last night, very scrummy it was too, they gave everyone a red rose before they left too (nice touch).Very Happy

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Morning Larks

Morning Larks,

Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday and perhaps received some lovely flowers too.Very Happy

A bright cheery morning here, lots of sunshine but still bitterly cold, the wind not quite so fierce as it has been for several days.

Have a good day everyone.Very HappyUploaded Image

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Sunday 22nd April may feel like a whole season away but ...

Uploaded Image
With the ghastly weather we all seem to be having, what could be better than to get on with reading The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell, our Purple Coo Book Club Spring Read 2018.
Love Lampie

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Weather Spell

Ever since the BBC changed their weather providers and weather map the weather has become atrocious: when the sun shines there is a cold blustery wind, their are frequent showers and today has been continuous heavy rain. Can't someone do something? Naturally the weather presenters seem very pleased with themselves. I'd lock them all up until the weather improved. Evil or Very MadEvil or Very Mad

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Happy Valentine's Day

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Especially for all you unromantic or would be romantic Cooers. Very Happy

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Spring like Lark

Here it is one of those spring days that live in the memory. Bright, sunny and as clear as crystal. Fluffy clouds in the sky, the sunshine warm and embracing. You can almost see the bulbs growing - the crocus and tete a tete and the grass beginning to nose out of the dark earth. Of course this is the false spring rarther than the real spring but so nice of it to show in time for Pancake Day and Valentine's Day tomorrow. Hope it is doing the same where you are. Very HappyVery Happy

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