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Snowy Lark

Morning Larks,

Awoke to a thick dusting of snow here on the rooftops and ground so pretty but not enough snow to build that snowman yet.Very Happy

Have a good day everyone.

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Winter Lark

A tiny Dutch sprinkling of snow on the car last evening but that was all we had. And we didn't have to drive anywhere either. Another winter weekend has passed, but I wrote all the Christmas cards and ordered two presents. Everyone is coming to us for Christmas including dogs and lovebird. And because of the winter wetness and darkness and general misery no walk even to the castle. Have a good day everyone.
I don't think it's my turn on the advent cards. Apologies if I have this wrong.Very HappyVery HappyUploaded Image

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Advent Day 11

Thank you to FN and Bradan for the last 10 days of calendar pictures. I can't believe we are into the 3rd '5 days' already! As FN and Bradan each had a bear picture in their set, I thought I would too! So here he is - a snow bear from the Cherished Teddies range. I don't collect these bears and have only got this one. We were forecast snow and had a sprinkle yesterday afternoon, but thankfully none this morning, although it is horribly grey and lashing with rain.

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Advent Day 10

The 2nd Sunday of Advent - the 2nd candle has been lit on our old and tatty Advent wreath. Very Happy

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The purple candles are lit on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Sundays. Purple is the penitential colour of fasting whilst pink is the colour of joy and the pink candle is lit on the 3rd Sunday which is known as Gaudete (from the Latin meaning “rejoice”) and represents the coming joy of Christmas. The white candle is lit on Christmas Day.

This is the type of wreath we have in RC churches. I think there are some people who have wreaths with 4 red candles, I’m not sure what these represent, does anyone have one like that?

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Snowless Lark

I woke to the rain chattering against the windows and a grey darkness, the street outside awash. All this rainfall, and yet we are a few miles short and south of the predicted winterland for which amber warnings have been issued. I had imagined we might be shrouded in a thick powder of snow, a make-up for the trees and houses, cars and lawns, hedges and lamp posts, all pristine, glistening, reborn in a twinkly whiteness, awaiting the moment that the curtain rises and the spots come on. But even in bed I could tell by the grey gloom that no snow had fallen outside. It rarely does.

Instead the precipitation hurtles downwards propelled by more than gravity alone and the wind now is getting up and having a quiet moan as it does so. And I must trudge out in my slippers and dressing gown to feed my sparrows who somehow manage to keep dry deep in the hedges, life being an endless struggle for them with no diversions or pleasures, unless it be my handfuls of song-bird mix.

A solitary sea-gull tosses in the leaden sky. Not much fun for seagulls either. Do they fly all night, I wonder? Not that there's much difference these days, between the night and the day.

I have eaten my breakfast of boiled egg and toast, consumed a banana and am almost ready for action. I have made no Christmas preparations but the cards are arriving thick and fast, I need to make orders on the internet, spend my pennies. Yet I buy presents and then forget that I have bought them and so buy others. Yesterday I bought two bottles of champagne. And decorations - will this be the first year that we put up some lights outside the house?

One year we bought a tree in a pot to avoid needle drop and we put it outside where it struggled on gamely and stunted for a few years but now it is fine I think it has sent roots through the tarmac drive for I can no longer move the pot. I could put lights upon it. Twinkle Twinkle little tree, Lights instead of snow for thee.

Have a good day folks. Very HappyVery HappyUploaded Image

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Advent Day 9

This photo is from last year - my wee grandson helping to decorate the Christmas tree and looking a bit bemused by it all Very Happy

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Chilly Lark

Morning All,

Just 3 degree's here and bitterly cold everywhere frosty but so far we have no snow.

Awoke very early this morning unable to sleep after a very taxing day yesterday, just made a pot of tea to revive my old brain.Very Happy

Hope the Town Twinning festive bash went well for our Fennie who was Compere on stage, and the audience loved his French jokes, I am sure he looked splendid in his Top Hat too. Very Happy

Have a good weekend everyone.
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Not the Christmas Spirit

Along with the Christmas cards this morning I received a letter from Cardiff Council telling me I owed them £35 because I had driven into a bus lane. This happened when we tried to go to John Lewis the other evening and you always used to be able to go straight on at that junction. However, because I was behind a bus I couldn't see any signs. As soon as I realised I might be in a bus lane I got out of it but the damage had been done. There are cameras everywhere. I don't suppose that will cut any ice with the Council, however. So now I am miffed and fuming. Evil or Very MadEvil or Very Mad

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Advent Day 8

Sing choirs of Angels ♪♫•*•♫♪♫

Angels and snowflakes today. The angels have hair made from dyed sheep fleece - washed and carded first! I love making paper snowflakes, I don't use a template but cut them freehand so if there's one I particularly like I can't do another the same as I can't remember what I did Very Happy

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Big Lark

A surprising morning here. Calm, blue skies, not even particularly cold when I fed the birds this morning. Damp of course, but then it always is in winter. (And in summer too very often). Otherwise no great news: I am no worse than yesterday and may even be better and so able to perform this evening. Watched a bit of Tim and Pru yesterday on their last canal journey, quite close to home, too - along the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal also a bit of Miss Marple with an early Joan Hickson - much the best actress in my opinion to have played the role. but like all Christie's plots just a tad contrived. I mean where are you going to find enough blackbirds to put in a pie? Christie is larger than life: a Mammoth in fact. Anyway have a good day. Very HappyVery Happy

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More about the tureen

I found an auctioneers/valuers called Denhams in Sussex - they have an online tool so I sent photos and got this reply.

Thank you for the enquiry. I'm afraid we can't find this pattern anywhere! The Davenport stamp is unlike any listed too. It does appear Edwardian in style ( 1900 -1910 ) but I'm afraid we cannot offer any further advice! Yours sincerely,

Interesting...... but I need to know more.....

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Windy Lark

Morning Larks,

Is it windy where you are? It is here must be Storm Caroline such fierce winds last night here and this morning just as fierce. As I type it has just begun raining heavily too.

Not a good nights sleep but I shall chill out later as nothing on the agenda for today. HL is still walking Patch for me but my walking with the stick slowly seems to be getting better each day.

Some presents for the family wrapped last night but festive cards still to do.

Have a good day everyone, keep safe in those high winds.

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Advent Day 7

Little Drummer Bear.

This is my eldest son's bear so he's over thirty years old. After a bit of huffing and puffing he agreed to be the model for today's pic so I made him this costume. He insisted on having some mistletoe in his hat incase he meets any lady bears. Very Happy

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Early Lark

Morning Larks,

Perhaps our Fennie can put up his own caption seeing as his next play is Tintin..... obviously Snowy would have to be included too. Let's hope there are not too many escapades on the way to the Church.

Have a good day everyone.
Very Happy

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Advent Day 6

No this isn't reindeer poo, not even the pretend sort - it's Pepernoten, Dutch spicy biscuits along with some oranges and chocolate money, in honour of St Nicholas, whose feast day is today.

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When we lived in England my three older children went to a Rudolph Steiner (Waldorf) school and kindergarten where several European traditions were followed. On 6th December the children would sit quietly in their classrooms…listening and waiting…finally there would be a knock at the door and there outside was St Nicholas himself! St Nicholas would then read out the names of all the good children, with a wee mention of the not so good! After which his helpers, the Black Peters, would throw handfuls of chocolates into the classroom and the children would scrabble about collecting them. The story of St Nicholas would be read out to the children and as some people would have brought in some pepernoten and maybe some German honey cake a wee feast would follow. Another little celebration to hasten the dark days of winter. Very Happy

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Your Christmas Homework has been set

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Secret Family Language
When my youngest boy was very small he and his brother were always scrapping. One day he ran in to tell me most indignantly that Tony had hit him. 'Right in the Tescos.' Since then our family name for a certain part of the male anatomy has always been - yes - that well known supermarket.

Do you have any special family words or sayings that perhaps only you or immediate family members are able to understand?
For instance, the T.V, remote in our household is always called 'The Fat Controller.'
When we go to work in the allotment, it's always, "I'm off down the Lotty.'
Your Christmas homework is to spill the beans on your secret family language and if possible tell us how it came to be invented.

You have until Friday 5th January, 2018, so no excuses this time.

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Advent Day 5

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Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a Fairy... even if she still has to do the laundry!

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Pic of the Day

A Blue Footed Boobie love the name too.Very Happy

Perhaps our FN can enlighten us more on him, sweet don't you think.Linked Image

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Lark Post

Morning Larks,

A grey old morning but the air is mild, hear we may have some snow this weekend, goodie.!Very Happy

Have been invited for a coffee and cake morning at 11.30 today by a lovely new friend at her coastal cottage I met here in Winterton earlier in the year via Elaine who looks after our Patch when he boards, she tells me too that she has saved lots of interior mags for me knowing that I love interiors too.

Have a good day everyone.Very Happy

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Where's Fiona Bruce when I need herLaughing

So, this is, I think, an antique tureen. Was it passed down through the family to me? No. I found it sitting on the ground at the recyling bins and thought it must be broken, but it isn't. So I took it home. I don't feel bad about this as two things would've happened to it if I hadn't - 1. Someone else would've taken it or 2. Someone would've broken it.

It could do with a gentle wash and does appear to have some little paint speckles on it, but I will clean it up. It is marked Davenport Myrtle. I presume Myrtle is the pattern but I can't find anything about it on the internet. I found a similar looking Davenport tureen which sold for $600 so maybe finding it was my lucky day!

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Grotty Lark

To IKEA yesterday with the Enchantlings to buy a Christmas tree and a picture frame. Also to visit Santa's Grotto at the North Pole, complete with Elves with painted faces and long pointed slippers with bells on - (which is what I REALLY would like for Christmas but no one would take me seriously if I jingled-belled around the house. OK they don't take me seriously anyway but they would take me even less seriously). It is no fun being an adult and one has to console oneself with alcohol and boxed sets of Inspector Montelbano). Theo of course, being 8, was far too grown up for Santa or Elves and declined my offer to meet the fabled bearded gentleman who advertises Coca-Cola. But Beanie was excited and after a short wait we were inside Santa's lair.

He was a pleasant old Santa, though to tell the truth you couldn't see much of him behind his beard hat and cloak. Question: what do Santas do the rest of the year? Anyway, he must have been awfully hot. You'd think there'd be an Elf on Safety duty specifying the maximum temperature in Santa's grottoes around the world. But Santa talked the while and Beanie just rolled her eyes in admiration and wonder. His interrogation as to whether she'd been good left I think something to be desired as did her answers. Maybe when she's older she will respond to the obvious question of 'have you been good this year?' with 'What planet are you on Santa? I have let loose the reindeer, unwaxed the sleigh and put frogs in the elves' bread and milk to make them run away. I rather thought I might have all the presents to myself this year.' But Beanie just said 'yes' nodding vigorously all the while while I smiled blandly, ever the proud grandfather.

So the Elf handed her a present, and we had our photo taken. The present turned out to be a chameleon but it seemed reluctant to change colour. Perhaps it had enough of red. And then we had another picture taken.Very HappyVery Happy

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Bradan Calendar Reminder

Just a reminder to Bradan that you take over the Advent calendar on Wed 6th Dec to 10th inclusive.Very Happy

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Lark Post

Morning Larks,

Do hope you all had a lovely weekend.

A very bright sunny morning with a cold crisp nip in the air.

Off to take Patch to the Vet later today, nails clipped and then his kennel cough jab, on with his muzzle first, he loathes having his tootsies touched bless him. Then a small grocery shop on our drive home.

Some festive presents bought off my list but still need to get some festive cards, still there is plenty of time. Very Happy

Have a good day everyone.Very Happy

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Advent Day 4

Uploaded Image

I know it's a few hours early but we're off tomorrow. Blink

The bears love getting involved in celebrations of all kinds and often get dressed up in real life as well as in Photoshop. This is Armadale with his little brother Aird, he's such a simple little bear but he always makes me smile. You'll normally find them getting up to some sort of mischief in the living room, they have a big brother called Ord but he's a bit of a drouth!

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Homework Marked

Homework has been marked.
I loved reading about all our hoarding collecting habits. Some lovely and some quirky ones too, although Fennie - you really need to stop putting worn out and broken things in the attic, no matter how long that old wooden spoon has served you in the kitchen if it's cracked and worn down to the handle... let it go! Laughing

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