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Our land line went off in the middle of a conversation with a friend, yesterday morning. A nice man rang to say it was a fault in the exchange so now all is well. I have caught up with emails and now got to the Coo.
Dreadful to be cut off from the world bar a dicey mobile connection!
Must get on to the priority list as two very old people!

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I Can't Sleep Chat Post

Hello Owls and Larks,

Just been watching Escape to the Country where the location is in between Somerset, Wales and Devon. In the end the couple opted for Bath and bought a house swop so the vendors whose house they bought the other couple bought their's in France -Cognac.Very Happy

Much better day today with the weather no more of the Shahara Sands lots of sunshine although the air was biting cold. We drove to see our daughter and her Woofers, cuppa in the garden then minus my HL walked over near the neighbouring fields. On the way back we spotted Geese flying overhead in formation and all honking away, quite wonderful!

Got my new laptop back yesterday but having problems logging in nothing to do with the laptop just that what I did log in with before it won't accept so my son may be ringing me later tonight on FaceTime just to guide me through the ropes, fingers crossed !

Hope you all had a good day, just made a pot of tea.

If you can't sleep and there are others on line then have.a natter here.

Night Night,& Sweet Dreams

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Roofless Lark

Well Ophelia has passed by, not quite like a ship in the night, more like a fiery fairy queen, a Titania in a rage, leaving a trail of destruction and bad temper in her wake. Here the floorboards only trembled, the sky went dark, the clouds, pink as Titania's fairy dust in the form of sand from the Sahara, trod over down the centuries by camel trains on their way to Timbuctoo, scattered down upon us.

Ah weather! Without the weather to comment upon how many friendships would never have been made? How thin would be the commerce of ordinary, and indeed extraordinary, folk and maybe it is from this abundant subject that Europe's creativity stems. Without the weather what would there be to talk about?

What does one say in the tropics, for instance:
'Hot again today. Phew!'
'Yes very hot. As hot as yesterday if I'm not mistaken.'
'I expect there'll be another storm this afternoon.'
'Without a doubt.'
'As there was yesterday.'
'As there will be tomorrow.'
'No hurricanes, though.'
'Grateful for small mercies.'

No sands of the Saharas, no darkness at noon for them, only ever unrelenting fine weather. Enough to drive them mad.

Anyway at the French class yesterday my teacher said she had just bought a house in central France, in the Lot departement, for 12,000 euros. It had three stories, she said, and was leaning and a quarter of the roof was missing. Nothing had been done to it since it was built 200 years ago. No electricity or even water and earth floors. Apart from that it was fine. What a project! And they plan to live there next year. After a bit of work.

Just thought you'd like to know. At least they will be able to talk about the weather. And it is in a very pretty village. Very HappyVery Happy

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3pm and the street lights have come on

Uploaded Image
It's 3pm and it's as dark as night time, even the streetlights have come on. Quite bizarre!

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And the Purple Coo Homework Award goes to ...

And the Purple Coo Gold Star Homework Award goes to (drum Roll) KitKatCot for her truly magnificent rendering of The Ode to Joy. Only a complete musical genius could take on all parts of the orchestra and choir while conducting herself and singing in German. A low and humble bow to you, Music Maestro. You now have the dubious award of setting the next homework for us all.

As for the silver star, that goes to Fairynuff for her cool and groovy rendering of
Menah Menah
doop dooo de doodoo
menah menah
doop doo de doo BlinkBlinkBlink (sigh!)

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Windy Lark

Uploaded Image

The hurricanoe is almost upon us. The branches of the trees are stirring like children sleeping uneasily in their beds. No wild life can be seen; no doubt it is hunkered down wherever the wildlife go to hunker down. The air is curiously warm and moist, its ceiling lined with a duvet of fluffy grey cloud, yet the light has a pinkish tinge. A warm light rather than something wet, hard and cold.

Of course we are not expecting more than a strong wind later this afternoon. The west coast of Ireland will be even wilder than usual. It would not be the day you'd choose to film Ryan's Daughter on the beach at Inch, nor for the Kerrymen to be setting out to walk MacGillicuddy's Reeks. The salmon would be blown up the Shannon if they so much stick their noses out of the water, while the little green gentlemen will want to hold on to their hats and to be sure to be down among the tree roots, safely underground, cobbling away, although of course it may be they that set the hurricanoe in the first place as a species of practical joke.

I apologise that my picture of their kind is somewhat stylised: but they are a dreadfully hard race of folk to take pictures of with a camera, wriggling furiously whenever they are caught.

Apart from the weather it appears a quiet day. My French conversation class this morning, otherwise a day of catching up. Irritatingly I appear to have mislaid a cheque from a customer that I was going to take in to the bank. It isn't where it should be. I do hope it hasn't been scooped up with the recycling. Maybe that was the lepricauns as well, although we don't normally see them in these parts.

Anyway do have a good day, free from intervention by the fairy folk, wherever you are. Very HappyVery Happy

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If you go down to the woods

My baby bear is getting bigger.

Uploaded Image

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Autumn Leaves

Uploaded Image

Just been sweeping up the leaves. Autumn has begun. The medlar tree has beautiful fruit and this song keeps going through my head.

The falling leaves drift by my window
The falling leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sunburned hands I used to hold

Since you went away the days grow long
And soon I'll hear old winter's song
But I miss you most of all, my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall

The song is an old one - older than me even it dates from 1945 apparently. I always thought it began with Eric Clapton

Have a good Sunday. A medal to Bradan.

Very HappyVery Happy

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Should be fun!

On the ferry and it's just been announced there will be a force 8 gale and high swell. Shocked Very Happy

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I Can't Sleep Chat Post

Hello Owls and Larks,

Hope you had a good day everyone, it won't be long before I head to my down pillows soon. Not sure what is going on all my energy levels seemed to be zapped lately.

Pot of tea before lamps out, if you can't sleep and there are others on line then have a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams
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Evening Post

Uploaded Image

And it is an evening post these days as the nights draw in. I suppose it's twenty minutes worse in Norfolk and twenty minutes better in Ireland, but we in that phase of the year when we are used to being out in the garden until nine and then all of a sudden it is dark at seven.

Anyway should anyone have been paying attention I mentioned the other day that Theo was angling for a parrot, but a small parrot would do, provided he can talk to it. Well as luck would have it I was walking past the Dog's Trust shop this morning and there in the window was a large buderigar cage, quite a sophisticated model with let down doors to make it easier for birds to have a fly around the room and have something to land on when they come back. Looked new - not a mark on it.

I called YD and agreed I would buy it before anyone else did and we arranged to meet in Marks and Spencer. The cage seemed to fit everyone's idea of what an ideal cage should look like in terms of space cleanliness, feeders and so on. Step 2 may be buying the budgie or budgies. (Faith I know you aren't altogether happy with birds in small cages but this is a large cage and the birds once tamed will be allowed to fly free. Meanwhile any tips you would like to offer will be gratefully received).

And while in Marks an elderly male assistant pointed me in the direction of a burgundy priced at £16-50 a bottle, reduced to £6. I bought four bottles and thought afterwards that I should have bought more. As it's a 2011 Cote de Nuits, that seemed like a bargain, but you can never tell. It may be vinegar. We are having Mussels tonight which wouldn't suit it so I shall have to wait a while to taste it.

Meanwhile I shall wish you all a very good evening. Autumnal leaf sweeping operations begin tomorrow. Before that there is gorgeous Lucy Worsley on BBC2 tonight talking about history and opera. My cup runneth over. Very HappyVery Happy

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The Black Isle

Uploaded Image

Landward, our local version of Countryfile, had a feature on the Black Isle last night which is where we hail from.
It has some of HO's film footage and photos in it and features several friends and aquaintances, including two of the presenters.
If you watch it keep going to the very end and you will see Dougie sign off from the very spot where HO and I got married in front of the lighthouse. Very Happy

Landward Black Isle Special

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I Can't Sleep Chat Post

Hello Owls and Larks,

16 degrees tonight and already it feels very warm here in the house perhaps we are heading for a late Indian Summer yet Fennie said we might await Hurricane Ophelia, what a pretty name I am sure Ophelia may have been a character in Shakespeare taken into account my Shakespeare is somewhat rusty.

Whatever the weather wishing everyone a lovely weekend .Very Happy

Just made a cuppa and won't be long before I head for my down pillows.

If you can't sleep and there are others on line then have a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams

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Afternoon Lark

Uploaded Image

Camilla mustn't be allowed to have a monopoly on fancy sitting rooms!
But this is just the place I'd like to be while waiting for hurricane Orphelia to strip the leaves from the trees. Very HappyVery Happy

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Up to date pic of me

In case you had forgotten what I look like, my 7 year old grandson made a card with this portrait of me! - (sorry it's sideways but so is my brain half the time!)

Uploaded Image

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Early Lark

Morning Larks,

Another night of drifting off to my dream pillows early, a good nights sleep you may ask, quite so but lots of tossing and turning so rather a disturbed one.Very Happy

Hope all owls and larks are well on this cool Autumn morning, 15 degrees here but rising to 19 degrees as the day goes on so jacket and scarf most definately for the walks later.

Have a good Day.Very HappyLinked Image

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Shocking Scam - lady I know

I met a lady for coffee today. I don't know her very well - have had maybe four chats with her since the beginning of the year.

She told me this - it happened to her in the summer - I could hardly believe that such a presentable and articulate lady who does all manner of interesting things could get taken in like this. She is 81

She had a call on her landline from a man who said he was from Scotland Yard. He told her bank card had been used in Birmingham for two transactions of £600 which they believed were fraudalent..... blah blah..... it went on like this. He asked for a mobile number and the call went on using that number. She said she felt ill and was shaking. He said to sit down, calm down, have a drink of water. He asked where she banked..... blah blah on it went...... She told him how much she had in her account (£6,000). He asked if she would like to help the police - that particular branch, he said, were having trouble with staff, money missing etc - blah blah..... (too long to tell you it all). He asked if she could go to the bank now ....... no she couldnt, husband was out, no car......he arranged for a taxi.......she actually went to her local bank, withdrew £5,000 in cash (while the scammer stayed on the phone), came home - and he said a courier would pick it up - blah blah - and yes she actually handed over all that money in cash to a stranger who came to her door. UNBELIEVABLE but true!

I felt physically sick while she told me about it. Apparently the cashier at the bank did ask her 'Are you being pressured to withdraw this money?' and she said 'no' - but I do feel the bank is still somewhat at fault. I realise we all want to be able to withdraw our own money without a lot of hassle, but surely if they had just asked a few more questions - which should be standard - like for example 'Are you withdrawing this money because of a phone call you have recently received from someone you don't know?' then she might have realised what was happening. She honestly did not know she had been scammed until her husband came home. The police came of course, but the case has now been closed - nothing they can do.

Crying or Very sadCrying or Very sad

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Pic of the Day

So busy here with chores, puff pant..... just off to walk Patch before my groceries arrive later.

Back later for a chat that's if I can draw breath,Very HappyLinked Image

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Deep breath and all together now

My goodness me, it's going to be so very hard to choose the best homework. What a talented lot you are. In the meantime here's another choice verse from Daisy Daisy. I'm sure you all know the tune, so come on ... deep breath and all together now, one, two, three:

Daisy, Daisy, the cops are after you
If they catch you they'll give you a month or two
They'll put you in the black maria
And tie you up with wire
So ring the bell and pedal like hell
On your bicyccle made for two
tra la!Rolling Eyes

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Marmelade Lark

Well if this isn't the wettest and most depressing, grey, soggy, dull afternoon, then I don't know what is. I have just had my hair cut, struggling through the rain, and I look now quite shorn, though maybe younger and more business like. I have always liked having long hair but age is catching up with me and the smartness level is shorter than it was. Never mind it will grow again and will be comfortably once more over my ears come the January frosts for it grows very quickly does my hair. In the meantime it is an excuse for a long, fluffy and flamboyant scarf.

I wonder if everyone's hair grows at the same rate? Or is the rate of growth a function of something or other like alcohol consumption? And do hair and nails grow together at the same pace? I think my toe nails grow more slowly than my finger nails which do grow quite quickly and I have the impression that they grow more quickly now than before. All this shows that we have a remarkable lack of knowledge and curiosity about out own bodies. Or at least I do about mine. I have heard that your hair and nails go on growing after you are dead so that if you are embalmed and on display, the hairdresser and chiropodist have to call every few weeks to give you a trim.

Perhaps the answer is Marmelade - just as the answer to the universe was 42 and a half - or something like it - for I never got on with the book - indeed I don't get on with science fiction at all - unless it is Blake's Seven or 'Quatermass.'

So here is the marmelade pot on which I spent so much money. Out of the studio it seems quite an ordinary pot without even a knobble to its lid or a hole for the spoon handle. I suppose it might do for sugar
lumps. Did you know that sugar lumps in France are cylindrical, like horse pills? Not so much lump as 'comprime.' Anyway here, especially for Bradan, is the pot.Very HappyVery HappyUploaded Image

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I Can't Sleep Chat Post

Hello Owls and Larks,

Quiite a mild day today for October with 18 degree's and hardly a breath of wind, but very chilly tonight.

Patch is much better thank you, he has eaten his dinner this evening, always a good sign he is on the mend. He has also enjoyed his walkies over the beach today.

I finished painting the garden furniture today, I have got to be quite a dab hand at this painting malarkey.Very Happy

Kettle is on for a brew, if you can't sleep and there are others on line then have a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams
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A Timely Homework Reminder

Don't forget your homework is due in by 15th October. That's only 5 short singing days away. Tra la la!

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Mental Health Day

Thinking today of all the Cooers who either suffer from the Black Dog or other suchlike problems, or who have family who do.

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Normandie Lark

Uploaded Image

I am still finding it somewhat incredible that Camilla's computer and mine should have gone down on the same day and more or less at the same hour as each other. And it couldn't be anything to do with Purple Coo as my broken computer I use just for running my ancient business software and so isn't connected to the internet at all. It really is uncanny. Perhaps something for the paranormal forum. I have woken repeatedly in the night wondering what I might do if the guys at Gadgetmaster don't manage to fix it. Although my data is backed up I will only be able to upload the data to an ancient computer running my same superseded and obsolete system of accounting software.

Well, it's a wet and blustery morning here and as I went out with the birdfood the seagulls were flying high over town, fleeing the no doubt tumultuous coast. Yet at the same time crows were flying low and fast in the opposite direction, like a squadron on a low level attack mission. Neither seem to have had a problem with the wind. Nothing stopped at my bird table, however. Sad

Before leaving France last week we stopped at the famous biscuit factory in St Michel Chef Chef - or rather at their wonderful emporium that sells every kind of French biscuit you have ever dreamed of, mostly in presentation packs. I was much taken with a large tin of biscuits in the form of the legendary liner the SS Normandie, whose sad history I may tell you about one day or you can look it up on Wikipedia. Forget the biscuits, I thought, the model alone with its white paint and red funnels was worth the £25 they were charging. It's a Christmas present to myself, though come to think of it maybe it has brought its own curse with it and laid it on my computer before beetling around to Norfolk in the night to sabotage Camilla's.

Have a good day all you young folk. Very HappyVery Happy

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I Can't Sleep Chat Post

Hello Owls and Larks,

Do you ever hae one of those days that nothing goes right to morning to night? well I had one of those today.Very Happy The new laptop.

Just going to pop the kettle on for a pot of strong Yorkshire, my saviour!Very Happy

My little Patch is under the weather this evening too bless him, he has enjoyed his walks today but this eveniing he has not eaten his dinner, which is strange as he loves his dinner. Also his tummy keeps making this gurgling sounds, didn't even wan't to play with his soft toys tonight either. Will see how he is overnight and if he is still unwell by morning will give vet a ring.

If you can't sleep and there are others on line then have a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams
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