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Lark Post

Morning Larks,

Access off and on yesterday evening think it may be to do with perhaps the strong winds we had yesterday not sure, unless there are gremlins. My ipad since yesterday keeps blacking out when I click on an App so too emails, click on something and then zilch. It all began when I clicked on the App for FB and then the whole screen to ipad went black. Could not listen to Classic FM either which helps lull me to sleep.

Began raining an hour ago but stopped now and the sun has just come out. Going to get colder here by mid week I hear.

Hope you all had a good weekend, have a good day.
Very Happy

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A Bit Disconcerting!

I have just noticed that there are 53 users here online.

52 guests and 1 registered (the 1 registered is me obviously)

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

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I am sitting here in bed surrounded by two small people engrossed in their tablets having being wakened at 6.57 am by said young people demanding to know our new wifi code (I had forgotten it had changed as we now have superfast (allegedly) fibre (allegedly) broadband). Theo is playing Minecraft for which it seems you need a PhD even to collect rabbits. I still haven't a clue what the point is. Theo has just been attacked by a Zombie, a Creeper and a giant spider all just looking like lumps of Lego but nevertheless needing to be 'vapourised.' Beanie seems to be blowing up buildings with something called Angry Birds. At least they are not sitting on me is all I can say.

I have been listening to the music from 'Love Story.' whose composer, Francis Lai, died the other day at some grand age. I love his music. He was an accordionist.

Later after breakfast we have to take the small ones into Cardiff to return them to their parents. We are all meeting in a 'Yoga Centre' which is having a bring and buy sale or some such and where we can get some lunch (allegedly) though whether it will be worth eating is another matter. The Centre is in a part of Cardiff impossible to reach by normal travel so thank heavens for Sat Nav. Anyway my tummy is rumbling so I think I had better boil myself an egg against the depredations of the day. Theo will have branflakes; Beanie and inside- out Pizza (don't ask!).

Have a good day folks.

Very HappyVery Happy

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Weekend Post

Afternoon All,

Beautiful sunny day here with a moderate breeze, daughter just left after popping over for a coffee.

Taxing day yesterday evening so hoping today's will be more agreeable.
Very Happy

Watched the repeat of Home Fires Drama last night, such a shame that the BBC decided to axe the programme last year before the drama had even ended on the storyline. The writer is hoping that perhaps another TV Channel will offer to accept the drama. In the meantime I hear there is three books that has been written by the writer on the drama.

Have a good weekend everyone.Very Happy

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Oh Bertie!

Uploaded Image

...what have you done to your Liquorice Allsorts?

HO bought a packet to munch on the way home from Skye and they are dreadful. Neutral
Gone is the nice layer of rubbery black liquorice that you could peel off and eat separately - it now seems to be made of a black flour and molasses paste.Rolling Eyes
They just taste of sugar and molasses now which is probably not surprising as the only sign of liquorice in them is some extract about 20 things down the list of cheap ingredients, not much in the way of flavour from the coloured bits either.Blink

One of the joys is peeling each layer apart and making an unholy mess when eating them... we shall be sticking to M&S or RJ's now from the local deli.

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On a Winter's Day

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Well this is the last day (allegedly) but we have already received an order this morning, fortunately for something simple that just requires sending out.

It's a chance to show you again FN's wonderful piece of artwork. I wish there were only one box and that it were a wooden crate but instead there are about 120 cartons of labels piled up in various places awaiting collection on Monday.

We are still keeping a small broking operation and our single export customer (in the Seychelles) who buys DVD cases from us. Again that is a broking operation. We don't keep stock. He only orders once or twice a year anyway. Otherwise VIP Labels will be gone and dusted.
The customers are infuriating but I shall miss them.

Meanwhile today 'All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey and no doubt later I shall go for a walk 'on a winter's day.' To the bank as it happens.
Very HappyVery Happy

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Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Apologies in advance in case you're offended, but I've just been chatting to a Scottish friend about Eleanor Oliphant is completely Fine, and she laughed because I hadn't spotted the acronym in the title. Apparently if one says one is FINE, it means one is 'F+++++ up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional.ShockedShockedShocked
Ah well! We'll be making our comments on 2nd December. I look forward to reading what you think of the book then. Wink

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New homework is up

I have set homework, and plenty of choice, so it's easyVery Happy

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Late Lark

Morning Larks,

Late lark this morning tossy turny night and then slept late, still no real plans for the day. Shall walk over the beach later with Patch and throw the balls for him which he loves.

Recently I saw a sweet Pug on a website in California who had just been dumped there through no fault of her own bless her. She is 5 years of age and looked so lonely and scared in the picture. Don't think the shelter there keeps animals long sadly which I think the law needs to change for this. Anyway I got in touch with a UK based Pug rescue home and told them about the pug and they in turn got in touch with Pug Nation who I knew nothing about but apparently are in another state in US and adopt Pugs to free them and give them a home until they are adopted, if they are not adopted they live their life out there with kind staff. Pug Nation were very grateful to me as they had nnot heard about the one I mentioned. They have named her Daphne, isn't that lovely.Very Happy

Lovely sunny morning here and quite mild, I will get to prune those hollyhocks eventually.!

Have a good day everyone.Very Happy

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Pygmy Possum

Uploaded Image

I'll just leave this little chap here for you all to go... Awwwww!

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Homework is marked

Very Happy Well done to the few of you who took part! Thank you!

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Dusty Lark

Uploaded Image

Ah! Well we haven't had any Beatrix Potter for a long time and there she was on Television - well at least a grainy black and white photo was on television - just the other day. It is a great sadness to me that neither Theo, nor Beanie, show the slightest interest in Beatrix Potter, preferring the ersatz visual cacophonies of Minecraft. I shall have to read all the books again as I seem to do regularly every few years.

And now we receive news that the parents of the head of the Town Twinning Association in Clisson have died. His mother, in hospital for some years with incurable arthritis, died first at the age of 86 and within 36 hours her husband (who was also ill but who had nevertheless managed to care for his wife) had also died at the age of 91. So it was a double tragedy but lessened by the love they had for each other. I never met them but can feel for them and for the family.

In another couple of days we too will be popping our clogs - at least so far as the business is concerned. The boxes to be shipped out on Saturday are piling up, dusty carton after dusty carton. One and a half tons of them. I can imagine the Tailor of Gloucester (or rather his Mouse) sitting atop them reading 'Label News.' It is the end of an era.Very HappyVery Happy

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Old clothes and porridge.

Uploaded Image

We're back, just catching up with washing, mail, email, downloading photos etc.

Lovely relaxing break, changeable weather as you can see!
...and no it hasn't been Photo-shopped from two images, that was the next weather front coming across the Kyle from in front of the Longroom.

Will post some more pics when I get a chance to convert them, we had a special little visitor too. Very Happy

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Vegetarian Lark

Ah! Some blue sky this morning, but rain drops still running down the window pane.

We were discussing vegan cooking the other evening. I said that going without meat wouldn't be a problem for me. There are substitutes: Quorn and such like. But giving up dairy would be difficult. Living without milk and cheese would be especially difficult. I believe there is vegan cheese but I have never tasted it and I suppose you would get used to oat milk or almond milk or some such concoction, though I suspect life would be far more boring. But eggs? How would you solve the egg problem. You can't get vegan eggs can you? And are vegans allowed to wear leather? Fish too - leastways prawns and shrimps - would be hard to do without.

What are your feelings about becoming a vegetarian or vegan if it is necessary to save the planet?
Very HappyVery Happy

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Lark Post

Morning All,

Beautiful autumnal day just 14 degrees but with lots of lovely bright sunshine and it is set to be dry for the next few days which is good.

I heard on the radio that Shakespeare had originally decided when he wrote Romeo and Juliette that it would have a happy ending when he wrote Shakespeare's Tales but that's he decided to change it to the latter. Well I never knew that !

Hope all had a good weekend, enjoy your day.Very Happy

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'For those who leave never to return. For those who return but are never the same. We remember.

- UnknownUploaded Image

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Flames in California

Due to Facebook I am able to keep track of OH’s cousin, who posted a video on Friday, showing smoke in the distance. Now we are in communication so I can know how he is doing. He said the wind was going to come back today, but I don’t know in which direction.

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Lest We Forget

Uploaded Image

Artwork by my grandson, aged 8.

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On This Day

Or tomorrow to be more accurate.

191252 PRIVATE

Headstone in North Cemetery, Darlington.

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Community Lark

A wet and grey morning here in the Vale, the Atlantic clouds rolling in from the cold sea bringing spatterings of rain. The leaves are almost gone now, the lawn covered with slashes of orange as the big and almost indestructible leaves of the chestnut tree come to earth. Those of the fig tree beside it blacken and curl up and have almost disappeared by the time they are raked but the leaves of the sweet chestnut endure, just like its wood. There are roofs in France that I have seen made of chestnut wood that look as good today as they did 800 years ago when they were constructed; the wood containing its own pesticide to keep out woodworm, spiders and other animals without backbones.

On Wednesday evening we were in Colwinston for a friend's book launch. Colwinston is like one of those villages that you thought only existed on television. There is a community drawn from all walks of life and everyone gets on surprisingly well. The village hall on this occasion was packed and it was lovely to greet old friends some of whom I hadn't seen since our departure in 1991. J and I are honorary members. It is as though we've never been away.

Today it's a day for the house and garden. Have a good day everyone.

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Morning Post

Morning All,

Hope everyone is well, lovely bright morning again today with lots of sunshine a wee nip in the air though . Hoping to prune back the Hollyhocks later today, I mowed the front lawns yesterday and my neighbour next door said if I liked I could dispose of the cuttings in his brown bin, which was kind of him. Not sure about the Hollyhocks though they would fill the bin right up!

Daughter has just left she popped over earlier for a cuppa with her dogs.

Have a good day everyone.Very Happy

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Tim and Pru

Uploaded Image

Many of us like watching Tim and Pru on their canal journeys around Britain and across the world. I, certainly, am hooked: beautiful and interesting locations and amiable and relaxing banter between two folk in their dotage. Long may they keep going.

But as they float down this waterway or that (this one's near Tigre near Buenos Aires in Argentina) what we don't see (and therefore forget) is that they are not alone. That there is a camera crew and a director and script editor, a whole panoply in fact. You wonder how many takes have to be made of each, apparently spontaneous, shot. "I'm sorry, Tim, can you do that again? Your hat slipped and was obscuring your face. Can you take it from the top?" Or "Pru darling, that was wonderful but the light was all wrong. Can we have a screen here and a couple more PARs? Are you up to trying it again. Big smile now. "

And then of course there must be a whole army of researchers planning the route, booking hotels, fixing up visits so that it appears that T and P arrive somewhere and walk into a welcome, whereas they have probably been there already for three hours or the arrival may have been shot one day and the welcome the next.

So it is all artificial. But never mind. The programme is still wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable. Very HappyVery Happy

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Mossy Lark

Congratulations to Camilla for forsaking the weed. Let's hope her sinuses will pay an early dividend.

The morning is forbidding - great rolls of grey cloud sweeping up from the Bristol Channel and the day still struggling to emerge from the shutters of night. And now comes heavy rain.

A deeply depressing talk at the Philosophical Society last night about health security - or how the human race might survive, if not in perpetuity, then at least for the next few hundred years in the face of climate change, population growth, aspirations for ending poverty, antibiotic resistance, food security, global pollution, nuclear war and so on. If the first one doesn't get you then the second or third will. I don't suppose we shall 'all go together when we go' as Tom Lehrer used to sing; pockets of humanity may survive but we shall be knocked backed a couple of hundred thousand years. This is what anyway most of us concluded.

But life for the moment goes on. Exceptionally busy just now coping with a flood of orders and all the problems of the handover, urgent, troublesome, stressfull stuff, the sunny uplands of retirement still far away in the distant hills and perhaps none existent. And all the while the Black Dog rushes round in circles yapping, keeping me awake - or what is worse - killing my deep sleep so that I stagger about like a zombie.

Someone came to the door yesterday offering to remove the moss from the roof. I am afraid I was rather short with him. But no wonder he came for the house, overnight it seems, has started to look like the Woodcutter's Cottage from Hansel and Gretel. Never has moss grown so fast! It seems to come and go by itself, though, and scraping it off may do more harm than good. Google seems divided on the subject.

But I must go. Have a good day everyone. Keep on the dolly mixtures, Camilla. Very HappyVery Happy

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Bonfire Lark

Couple of pictures from the Bonfire Party at the weekend.

Cloudy and grey here this morning. Have a good day everyone.Uploaded ImageUploaded Image

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Afternoon All

Afternoon All,

Had horrid night, worn to a shrivel, sinuses bad so too asthma so today I have decided to give up smoking... I don't smoke a lot maybe 5 to 6 a day but most of those are dogged out after a few puffs. I am hoping it will help my breathing not been good lately and it can be quite frightening too.

The sun has just popped its head out after a very damp morning, Bon Fire Night tonight although lots of folk have already let off their fireworks last weekend too .

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone.
Very Happy

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