About Purplecoombe

Write an ‘about us’ they said. Good grief! What about us? What about us indeed. Where the Berludy hell do you start.

April 21st found a number of Bloggers suddenly wandering aimlessly and alone in Cyberspace – their former home, no longer homely . . . their phenomenal support of each other potentially mere wisps in the ether . . .OMG!

What to do, what to do . . . .

‘Start your own web site,’ said the Happy Snaper.

‘No,’ wailed Westerwitch – ‘I don't know how!’

‘But I do,’ - smug Happy Snaper.

Splosh (only hugely granderer than that) enter the Cyber raft in the form of the Purplecoo being furiously paddled by Westerwitch, Lixtroll, Happy Snapper and Peat. Cerikey and stuff . . . and much virtual rescuing . . . and then one by one we arrived at our Cowart's Skool and entered, not without difficulty, spirits undaunted, into the skool common room. We partied and then some and then we explored the skool and found a blog room each. Rooms we could each decorate and write our homework in. And everyday and night we could chat to each other in the common room. And the spirit of togetherness and support grew in a very purple way. And we had parties and the Weeding of remembrance and Purple Hugs.

We got locked out a few times, the fosses overflowed . . .but we got through it all and we loved our Skool.

However and a bit like BUT there always is one . . as much as we loved our Skool and as happy as we were, we knew we needed to get the builders in. We needed to extend the skool, more classrooms – better features, more pictures and more . . . er . . stuff . . and . . . stuff.

Rather dodgy trumpet fanfare here . . . .and . . . Enter the Almighty Admin. Him wot builds web sites . . .

So we said to the Almighty Admin – er yeah right . . .we need more . . . stuff like . . . .you know STUFF. Yeah STUFF. Nodding wisely, or in confusion – we never were quite sure which . . off toddled the big talking head (AA) and wrote lots and reams of stuff in coded form and Cowart's grew and grew until – big puff of purple smoke – very dodgy fanfare cut suspiciously short and here you are at . . . .Cowart's Skool, Purple Towers at Purplecombe – confusingly called the Purplecoo . . . . ok!

And quickly changing the subject and going back to the Almighty Admin – we now have a brand new common room – where we can chat with each other and put up pictures. We can laugh and cry and pop in and out and know that it is always here just a keyboard away.

We have very posh forums where we can ask question about . . . . well . . . stuff and follow the threads. We can have debates and share experiences. We have a book club and we have a PRIVATE area which only members can see.

We can send messages internally, we can see who is on line – and never feel lonely. Oh and so much more – far too much to put here. . .

We still have our Blog announcement page and from that corridor we can access everyone's blog rooms. And when the mood takes us we can blog – what about? Life – anything . . . stuff . . .and we will laugh and cry and share and support each other . . . . and we may not always agree, but we can always be kind to each other. So that is about us . . . now what about you . . . ? Blog On? So there you have it and if you feel that this Purple madness is right for you – and you want to join – then email . . . . .

Picture Courtesy of BlossomCottage