The New Purplecoo

We have all loved our Skool and we have had some great times here and also occasionally the odd bumpy ride . . . but now our time here is . . . gulp . . . coming to an end . . . it is time to move on . . . our new Skool beckons and on Sunday the 20th March we shall be moving.

The plan is and there is always a plan . . . well sort of . . . that we will spend a month settling into the new Skool . . . during this time the old skool will still be live and interactive . . . but on April 20th - our fourth birthday - berlimey OUR FOURTH BIRTHDAY - who would have thought . . . the old Skool will cease to be active and will become our read only library instead.

Also on the 20th April the plan is to have a party to celebrate our birthday and also to launch the new site properly . . .

So you will need to start packing up your things in your trunks, check that there is nothing of yours in Lost Property and on Saturday we can get all the trunks downstairs and into the hallway . . .

And perhaps a bit of cleaning as we go - we want our library to be all sparkly and clean!

So off you go check for socks behind the radiators, vests hidden under the beds and could toffees and chewing gum be removed from the desks . . .and floors . . .sigh . . . and walls . . .and the Common Room sofas . . . actually maybe we should get one of those bottle banks to recycle our bottles . . .hmmmm . . .so much to do ArrowArrowArrow


Posted at 14th Mar 2011 - 10:38AM   Posted by Westerwitch